Willie Wonka Spotted in Boardshorts, Wants to Send You Down Under

How is one of Hawaii's longest producing candy makers celebrating its 80th anniversary? With a Willie Wonka-esque contest that will give one "golden" winner a free trip for two to Australia's Gold Coast.

From now until June, 60,000 "golden tickets" will be affixed to the company's "Snack Easy" Macadamia (with or without chocolate) Bags with a special code printed on the label. Of those, 80 will have winning numbers, which should be entered onto a special anniversary contest web site (www.HawaiianHost80.com), from which the winner will be chosen. Your odds? One in 750 bags have a golden ticket.

A ploy to get people to buy more product? Absolutely. But if it gets you and your partner to Australia in these days of inflated air tickets and expensive travel, it's well worth the $1.89 for a bag o' nuts. Flavors that may contain winning tickets include milk chocolate Macadamia, dark chocolate Macadamia, dry roasted, lightly salted, Hawaiian honey glazed and the new Maui onion and garlic Macadamia. All Hawaiian Host Macadamia nuts are hand-picked by 600 independent growers on Hawaii Island.

Winners will receive tickets for two from Hawaiian Airlines, departing Honolulu for arrival in Sydney, Australia; an in-country flight during your stay from Sydney to the Gold Coast, and hotel accommodations for seven nights.

Check out www.HawaiianHost.com for more information.