What Positively Interesting Times We Live

A Note from Publisher Brian Berusch

What Positively Interesting Times We Live

Can I get an "amen"?

Here at B on Hawaii, we wanted to let you know that the world is far from ending. If you were to listen to the news media, the tabloids and the talk show talkers, you might inevitably subscribe to the hooey that times are nothing short of terrible. A most unfortunate outcome of this current environment is the re-defining of an old term, one that people have come to use as a blanket excuse. It's called "The Economy". Perhaps you've heard of it?

"Hey man, why you look so down? You sell ice cream for a living!"
"Aw. It's the economy man. I sold 4 less cones today than this time last year."

Or perhaps the all-too-common: "Excuse me, sir: Why did my bill go up last month, even though I used your service less?"
"I'm sorry, sir, it's the economy. Less customers means we have to charge you more."

We decided to write this letter to open today's newsletter to offer solace: These are the grumblings of a few negative, lazy and uninspired business owners, which unfortunately happen to have the loudest voices (thanks again in part to the always-spinning-for-content news media).

Yet have faith: There is another movement gurgling beneath the surface.

Obama has said it, and thousands of entrepreneurs are acting on it. You've probably heard before that a low time in the financial markets usually means the dawn of a in small businesses, the arts, and all types of creative entities. With every CEO or Armani-suited executive that we see hauled off to jail, a dozen chefs, musicians, sculptors and writers are fueled by the images—and creating.

We're also creating new ventures—be they magazines, restaurants, movies, songs—that will reshape the way in which we enjoy life. Or at the very least, appreciate the nuances of it. Companies like Blue Planet (which we reported on a few issues back; see www.BonHawaii.com for an article on the Honolulu-based environmental venture) are digging in to congress with both hands, at a time when the government is flailing for something positive to hold on to, which might ultimately drag the bigger corporations out of despair, and hence puts big dollars back in their coffers. Yet whatever the means, the door has opened for the rest of us: Those with a desire to use alternate energy, to grow our own food (or at least know exactly where it came from), to work where and when we want to work, and for all the right reasons.

The doors have blown open, the paths laid out in the misty dawn in front of us. Listen to only those who you feel will guide you in the right direction. And for the rest of us, who forge our own paths; take full advantage of the wealth of information available—and create something wonderful.

Brian Berusch
Publisher, B on Hawaii

"The doors have blown open, the paths laid out in the misty dawn in front of us."