Walk Off the Edge (for a good cause)

Rappel Down the Sheraton Waikiki and Help Special Olympics

Walk Off the Edge (for a good cause)

A rather creative publicity "stunt" is underway in Honolulu—and, with the community's support and enthusiasm, stands to raise many thousands of dollars for a wonderful cause. "Over the Edge of Waikiki" is the proper name that bridges Special Olympics Hawaii, Starwood Resorts & Hotels Hawaii and a few good thrill-seekers interested in a safe (albeit hair raising) activity. In short, for a commitment of raising over $1,000, individuals, groups, companies and the like can send one of their own over the roofline of the towering Sheraton Waikiki with nothing more than a carabiner, a rope and a dodgy nerves.

Yep, you read that right. On Saturday, November 5th, all of those who participated in raising funds over the course of this month (there's still time, especially for you high-rollers; or, those with friends/family with deep pockets and big hearts) will rope up and rappel down the tallest hotel tower on Waikiki Beach. The only restrictions are participants must be at east 18 years of age and weigh less than 300 pounds.

Rappelling, for those unsure, is less of a sport and more of a "last resort way down" from a great height, much like you see rock climbers doing after skillfully climbing a sheer rock wall. Likewise, Army Rangers can be seen rappelling out of helicopters during training exercises, and so on.

This year, participants who raise funds will be entered for prizes that range from gift cards to the Sheraton Waikiki (good for dining and beverage service... bonus) to a night's stay at the recently refurbished hotel. With a variety of new suites, sleek decor and uber cool infinity edge swimming pool, lounges like RumFire and so on, the Sheraton is a great place to spend an evening—even for local kamaaina.

Of course, the effort goes towards raising funds in support of Special Olympics Hawaii's Holiday Classic, held every December at Hickam Air Force Base, Pearl Harbor and Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base. There, athletes from around Hawaii participate in events like basketball, bowling and bocce, to name a few.

Get some fresh (really fresh!) air and support a good cause. Talk to your manager at work and see about raising some donations. Heck, you could even sign your boss up to be "tossed off the edge"—what beats that!


You could even sign your boss up to be "tossed off the edge"—what beats that!