Stay In A Luxury Maui Villa - Feel Good (And Green) About It

Buzz words like "carbon footprint" or "all natural" are being tossed around with such liberty these days, it's hard to truly know whether anyone has the environment, your well-being or the latest marketing trend in mind. Yet when a travel offer includes cash back for weekender warriors or malihini, well, there's all kinds of ways to justify a getaway.

Destination Resorts Hawaii, who operate a handful of top-end vacation rental homes, town homes and condos in Wailea and Makena on Maui, are offering a $250 "Carbon credit" per five-night booking. Beginning April 1 and extending through June 15, guests who book a "Honua Makuahine" (Mother Earth) package will receive five nights lodging, a complimentary rental car and free parking. The dollar value was selected to offsets carbon output by travelers flying between Los Angeles and Maui, as formulated by the sensitive lads at rates begin at $1,080 (based on a one-bedroom condo) and range to three-bedroom homes. Log on to or call (866) 901-0988 for more information on Destination's offerings on Maui.