A Spot of Water With Your Crumpets?

Hawaiian Water bottled, refined, British

A Spot of Water With Your Crumpets?

It has finally happened: Our pond water has jumped the pond.

We recently learned that London, England's most famous hotel, Claridge's, will include bottled deep sea water taken from 3,000 feet below Hawaii's Kona coastline, for their in-house "H2O Menu". Yep, you read that right: They have a water menu.

The hotel touts 30-plus waters from unique locales across the globe, and Hawaii's Mahalo Hawaiian Deep Sea Water was just elected to the list.

"Water is becoming like wine," says Philippe Leboeuf, Claridge's general manager. "At Claridge's we try to be ahead of our guests' requests and offer the very best choice available. I am excited about this menu because it is something quite new. It is a fresh service for our guests and because of the hard work that went into the research I am confident that we have created something very special."

Special indeed. $40 per bottle special.

Leboeuf added the Hawaiian water is "well-rounded on the palate, recommended with spicy food or shellfish." Other waters chosen for the list include those taken from a Norwegian fjord, Canadian icebergs, spring water from the French and Italian Alps, rainwater from Tasmania and artesian water from Japan.

Mahalo water does claim a fairly high mineral (magnesium, calcium, potassium selenium and iron if you must know) content, so, there actually is some science to this madness.

All of this "help[s] the absorption of vitamins in food," said Mr. Yutaka Ishiyama, sales and marketing manager of Koyo USA Corp., manufacturer of Mahalo.

To sample some Mahalo water in Hawaii, visit their showroom and Water Bar at the Waikiki Shoppin Plaza on Kalakaua Ave. between 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Mahalo water is processed at the Natural Energy laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA) on the Island of Hawaii.

www.HawaiiDeepSeaWater.com or call (808) 922-3883.