Showdown in Chinatown is Back!

Hawaii Filmmakers Decent to Honolulu's Hipster-town

Showdown in Chinatown is Back!

The two-year old "Showdown in Chinatown" filmmaker's event is back, after a brief hiatus. The next "Main Event" showcase of films is scheduled for Friday, May 15th, at NextDoor on Hotel Street. Film topics are posted on Thursday, May 7th at 5:00 p.m.; the works need to be completed and submitted exactly one week later, on May 14th. 

For those who haven't heard about this "underground" event, here's the skinny: Amateur (and some not) filmmakers are given an opportunity to write, direct and produce a short film on a given subject, in a limited amount of time. After completion, they submit the films to a panel of roving judges (in the past they have included Evangeline Lily and Daniel Dae Kim, of Lost), who select the top 12 films. These are then screened at NextDoor on the second Saturday evening of the month. From these, winners are chosen on a point value scale. 

The organization's web site states that the idea is to improve the quality of filmmakers in Hawaii over the course of time. In the past, the filmmakers had 48 hours to create films after learning what the themes need be; this season, the governing board has decided that the lead times will vary from a week to a few days; the topics will still change each month. 

Entry is open to all aspiring filmmakers, yet there is a submission fee per film. In the past, producers have shot on everything from 35 mm film cameras, to handheld digital-video and even a cell phone camera. 

The screenings cost $10 to the public to enter, and are open to anyone over 18 years of age. 

Check the web site, for a schedule of this season's events, and details on how to submit your work. The site also can help those interested in joining a filmmaking team meet other filmmakers. 


Past judges have included Daniel Dae Kim and Evangeline Lily from Lost.