A seasonal note from our Publisher

A seasonal note from our Publisher

Aloha readers and fans of B on Hawaii. We apologize for the slight delay in a personalized note—it’s been a busy, busy few months. 

We’ve surpassed the six years mark in which B on Hawaii has provided you with insider alerts, news and interviews with the most intriguing personalities throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Our culinary, travel, wine & spirits, lifestyle, health & wellness, spa, sustainability, entertainment and so on coverage has received... an unprecedented amount of feedback from an ever-expanding readership. All 13,500 of you beautiful, regular readers, and the wonderful 20k or so that check in every month to www.BonHawaii.com. 

It’s simply astounding. 

To think that I launched this “little” newsletter to my Rolodex in April of 2006—a mere 600 or so people in the travel and hospitality sector—and to see where we are now, just takes my breath away. Thank you, sincerely. 

With that, I want to alert you of some changes coming down the pipeline. 

When we launched, no one was direct mailing an electronic newsletter to anyone. Certainly in Hawai‘i, and quite possibly among the first in the travel information category nationwide, we were indeed pioneering new territory. The newsletter—in all its varied, and rather quick success—paved the way for so many wonderful things that to list them here would be both time consuming and too self-congratulatory for my likes. (They include a 2-year stint as Hawai‘i’s only on-air “Travel Expert” on the NBC affiliate, countless stories picked up by national (and often international) media only to be re-broadcast around the globe, as well as becoming a source for local journalists to poach and re-pitch stories as their own. C’est la vie. 

But like all good things, it’s time to evolve. 

Today, any one of us opens any one of our email inboxes, and we’re greeted with two things: Enough spam to actually make me wonder how big one’s penis really should be, and, countless “newsletters.” Not only are PR firms churning out with regularity newsletters for their coveted clients, but some of these firms themselves have their own newsletter. When one national PR agency starting sending me the newsletter of one of their client’s children, well, I knew it was time for a little evolution. 

The last thing B on Hawaii wants to be is an e-nuisance. Even if we rank high on the priority list for pertinent and intelligible information, we’re quite simply above being a part of mass trends. 

Don’t get the wrong idea—calm your inner beast and put down the razor-sharp letter opener; we’re not going anywhere. 

You’ll still find all the pertinent intel and witty banter (much like this conversation) at “B” headquarters, www.BOnHawaii.com, where stories will now be uploaded with even more frequency. 

Instead of eagerly awaiting your newsletter only twice per month, the anticipation building like that check you having coming from a Nigerian prince—you can just pop over to the site at your leisure, and we’ll be waiting. 

Thanks again for all your loyal support—especially to our advertisers and sponsors over the years. Without you, we’d have to go around calling ourselves “bloggers.” (Gasp!). 

My deepest, fondest aloha,

Brian Berusch

Publisher, B on Hawaii