Royal Treatment at Wailea Beach Villas

Top Maui Healer Working with Villas Concierge

As surprising as it may seem, being a wellness correspondent definitely has it perks. Yet every now and then,"perks" gets taken to a whole new level. Having had more then my fair share of luxury treatments, I'm not usually one to rave about a particular therapist. However, when Pia Back-Sanderson, owner of Empowerment Journeys, got her hands on me at the uber-luxurious Wailea Beach Villas, I had to stop and take note. Her technique was not only soothing and healing, but multi-faceted.

With a little probing, I learned that massage is but a fraction of her talents. A frequently sub-contracted therapist by the Wailea Beach Villas for guest massages, Back-Sanderson also teaches yoga, meditation, and breath technique, while also leading spiritual retreats in Sweden, Finland, Hawaii and Greece. Sanderson has also studied Huna philosophy on the Big Island and a myriad of other healing arts that make Hawaii such a richly rewarding place to connect with her clients.

When I asked why she chose to make Maui her full time residence in 1998, she simply stated, "I have never felt before such a strong spirit connection from my travels all over the world as I do here in Maui. It is very natural for me to do my work here."

Even in the lofty state she transported me to on my private lanai, I could feel as she moved from Hawaiiam lomi and heart-work massage (involving acupressure and energy balancing) to reflexology and other techniques. And while the massage location was spectacular—overlooking a trickling waterfall, flower gardens and the ocean off Wailea—a session with a truly gifted healer certainly reinforced that luxury has its privileges.

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"I have never felt before such a strong spirit connection from my travels all over the world as I do here in Maui. It is very natural for me to do my work here." – Sanderson