B on Hawaii was intended for launch as a labor of love... merely a place for Publisher Brian Berusch to run all the stories that, although weren't suitable for the major lifestyle and travel publications he writes for, he still found extremely important. They are the stories of the 'aina, and the people who make Hawai'i the most culturally unique melting pot on the planet. They are the stories of where these people live and travel; what they eat, grow, harvest, catch, share and so on. They are the stories that weave together to make the fabric of Hawaii. 

Yet something happened just prior to the launch of B on Hawaii, in April of 2006. Word got out. The people who's stories we wanted to write begged to support the cause. The effort became far more than an online magazine; it became an unbiased movement for in-depth story-telling––something the media outlets throughout Hawaii had consistently been missing. 

B on Hawaii takes a global approach to the most finite happenings throughout Hawai'i. Sometimes it takes fresh eyes, or a well-traveled storyteller, to write about what makes certain situations or places so special. This is the beginning of the philosophy behind B on Hawaii. We take a non-conventional approach to a story––after the story has presented itself to us––and simply cannot be ignored. We start with catchy, fun to read verbiage, and dazzle readers with engaging quips. We continue with factually precise information, and close with how the reader can experience whatever the subject matter is. At B on Hawaii we don't tell a reader how to live, travel or eat; we share our experiences and reveal how they can do the same. 

B on Hawaii is meant to be a shared experience, not a laundry list of "Things To Do" that so many magazines have become these days. We are a field guide to the amazing opportunity and adventure that lies just beyond the forged path. Don't be scared to blaze your own trail; we weren't. But do feel free to share your findings with us: It may inspire another story, which in turn may inspire a few thousand of our readers. 

We provide important information concerning events in the travel, culinary, wine, wellness, sustainability and lifestyle happenings around the Hawaiian Islands. We have unrivaled access to the personalities who shape the environments surrounding Hawaii, and feel responsible for spotlighting those who make a positive difference in the visitor (and local) experience.