A New Years Note from Publisher Brian Berusch

A New Years Note from Publisher Brian Berusch

It's fairly amazing to stew on the notion that yet another year has slipped by. Where does the time go?

As a collective community here in Hawai'i, I truly believe we spend it rather wisely. Sure, there's ample time sitting in front of a computer screen, punching a keyboard, hoping the dollars continue rolling in to our bank accounts (with more regularity than they drain out). Yet the luxury of near-perfect weather the entire year round (minus a few storms, rolling blackouts, tremors, etc.) makes for wonderful opportunities to enjoy nature at its best, whether it's a weekend spent diving offshore, or merely a stroll on the beach after work. I can't help but return to the idea, especially with this holiday season behind us, that we are truly lucky to have such ideal environmental surroundings within which we shape and ponder hopes and dreams.

While bigger, more bustling cities are buzzing with talk of a sliding economy, the total dollars lost between this time last year and now, and all the pitfalls that naturally accompany "running a business", so many people I speak with across the Aloha State are able to see the bigger picture.

We have a gentleman (finally) that hails from our own environs eager to take over the oft confusing and muddled happenings in our nation's capital. We have a movement—nationwide—to begin using less petroleum-based fuels, and find alternate ways to both conserve, a well as use, "new" types of energy (which, as I've been reading, aren't new at all; they've simply been squashed for years under an antiquated system of checks and balances that were set in place to keep certain coiffers full). Here in Hawai'i, a movement to cut out middle men (and shipping containers) in the food industry has farmers teaming up with restaurateurs and retailers to bring residents the freshest produce, fish, beef and game originating from Hawai'i.
And, from a consumer perspective, it's one of the best times to travel throughout the islands; as hotels, resorts, inns and restaurants are so eager for business, they are redesigning the landscape for a new experiences. One example: I spoke with Karen Christenson, VP of Mama's Fish House & Inn on Maui, who shared that she can now accommodate groups at the restaurant; something she always hoped to, but could not in times past.

Another hard to swallow fact is the concept that we at "B on Hawai'i" have been producing this twice monthly newsletter (and online magazine) for nearly 3 years. As I waft through the hoards of web site, blogs and 'zines that have attempted to maintain the editorial integrity (and consistency) that we have, it brings a smile to my face. A few have the promise to reach the 3 year mark, while many certainly won't. Yet the technology that allows for words to be carefully crafted on our end one minute, and quite literally, reach many thousands of readers the next, is astounding. On rather nostalgic moment last week I clicked on the world map that shows where visitors to our web site (www.BonHawaii.com) originate. A big aloha to our readers in Tasmania, New Zealand, Korea, Greenland and beyond!

Which brings us to our rounds of thanks, to all those who make B on Hawaii (and BonHawaii.com) such a resounding success, island wide. First, the dear readers, who are constantly emailing in feedback, be it on trends they have noticed around Hawai'i, or on specific points they extract from our articles. You are the reason we cover the latest happenings in the travel, culinary, wine, lifestyle and wellness—from Waimea, Kauai to South Point, Hawai'i.

Second, our devoted sponsors, many of whom have been with us since the first newsletter in April of 2006, are the reason we thrive. They're dedication to preserving journalism that truly speaks about its subject, not at it (or for or against it), is the tie that binds. Without them, things like this year's redesign of www.BonHawaii.com (if you haven't been it's a "must") would not be possible. They are: Kona Brewing Company, Aqua Resorts & Hotels, Fair Wind Big Island Ocean Guides, Arianna Farms 'Ono Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Style Magazine, Tiki's Grill & Bar, Maui Accommodations Guide, Maui Menus and Maui Art & Culture magazines. Many heartfelt mahalo's to each of these loyal sponsors.

To you, readers, we bid each a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009. May your wishes come true, and your dreams be plentiful.

Me ka pumehana, a hui hou kâkou!
Brian Berusch
Publisher, B on Hawaii
December 30, 2008