Little Village Delivers Ambiance With Honolulu's Best Chinese Fare

Believe it or not, you would be hard pressed to find a Chinese food restaurant with 3 things in Honolulu: Hearty fare prepared without MSG, excellent service and something resembling tasteful decor. Little Village has all these attributes and more.

A wooden footbridge, a standing "hut" that creates a separate "room" for private parties (or diners that want a bit of privacy), well-positioned plants and wall hangings make feel as if you were truly in a tiny village.

Highlights include pan-fried beef ($7.95), which is pan seared with red chili and garlic. The Mother of all Fried Rice, with char sui pork, shrimp, duck and assorted vegetables makes an excellent backdrop to any protein dish you choose. Succulent tiger prawns with a yogurt, honey glaze is topped with walnuts and snow peas. Don't forget to look at the chalkboard above the window to the kitchen for truly unique specials--best bets are on the whole fish of the day which is usually pan-fried to perfection.

Little Village is located at 1113 Smith St., Chinatown. (808) 545-3008) Open 10 a.m. to midnight, daily.