Kona Brewing Company's New Brew

Pipeline Porter: Tapped Fresh Every October

Kona Brewing Company's New Brew

Kona Brewing Company, Hawaii's own Big Island-based brewer of hops and so forth is about to release its first new product in eight years. The Pipeline Porter is a combination of roasted barley malt, hops, and 100% Kona-grown Cornwell Estates Coffee.

Marketing materials for the limited release porter, set to be tapped in early October, state "Pipeline's color is as dark as black lava and tastes of rich, roasted barley malt and aromatic hops. Smooth Kona Coffee finishes our Porter and helps take the edge off when the waves are high and the wind is blowing..."

We at B on Hawaii sat down over a pint with KBC president Mattson Davis, who we will run a complete interview with in an upcoming issue of this newsletter. "Personable" doesn't really describe Davis well; he's downright jolly and a pleasure to be around. A relative newcomer, much like ourselves, (Davis moved his family to the Big Island just shy of a decade ago) he truly understands the "Aloha Spirit" and how to launch a product throughout the islands that upholds the nature of all things "aloha". The perfect mix of kitschy Hawaiiana labels, laid back marketing and tasty brew--it came as no surprise to us when we heard one-in-five tap beers poured on the islands is a Kona Brew.

"We have always had great product and great variety," said Davis in an exclusive interview. "But what differs from the hundreds of other makers out there? We deliver 'Aloha'. We make the consumer feel the spirit of the islands--whether they're sitting here or in a bar in Florida. We deliver a Hawaiian experience."

Davis' Pipeline Porter is the beginning of a new era for KBC. Limited release brews will hit the taps and markets three times per year, starting with Pipeline.

"The limited releases will be for those enthusiasts who want to pull back the ferns just a little bit more, and get a real glimpse of Hawaii life," Davis said, rather animatedly, doing his best peeping Tom impression--wide-eyed and all. "And it won't be one of these pop-open-the-bottle and "Whoa! Too much coffee" or whatever scenarios. Subtle flavorings. Just the hints of the islands," Davis concluded.

After hearing about the artist Davis hired to sit on the beach at Pipe, in order to create a true-to-life image of the famously cranking surf break on Oahu's North Shore, we begged for teasers of what future limited release brews might be on the horizon from KBC.

"I really shouldn't say," said Davis. "But if you guessed a macadamia nut amber ale, you wouldn't be too far off." True confessions from the man who pours Hawaii a great mug of suds.

Pipeline Porter stats:

Alcohol: 5.4% by volume

Bitterness: 30 IBU

Made with 100% freshly roasted Kona Coffee


"We make the consumer feel the spirit of the islands, whether they're sitting here or in a bar in Florida. We deliver a Hawaiian experience." – Davis