Kick Start a Healthy, "Greener" Summer

Abigail Royce Reports on Hawaii's Green Festivals

Kick Start a Healthy, "Greener" Summer

We all want to get on the green bandwagon. But sometimes getting started on that new health regimen, or switching over to "greener" home and garden products sounds great in theory. Believe me, it can be an intimidating lifestyle change—especially if you don't know where to begin.

The Hawaii Healing Garden Festival is back in town. Every town. Or, every island, I should say. And it's the perfect place to kick around some ideas on getting your green on.

This statewide festival invites those with "green" business to showcase their wares, their lifestyle, and promise to show you how attainable it is. Representatives from health, wellness, sustainability, entertainment, good eats and cultural affiliations will be there, ready to turn you a little bit greener (which is healthier, trust me).

What am I looking to get out of it? Good question. Personally I want to learn the best ways to start composting without starting a food shelter for local vermin. I want to research some new alternative treatments for infrequent back pain, some of which I've been reading about in health journals as of late, but don't know which to try.

Perhaps you already are the pinnacle of health and sustainability, but you want to see which businesses nearby you are offering an array of services. Whether you're on Kauai, Oahu, Maui or Hawaii this summer, you have the opportunity to check out all of these things and more.

Pack up your tofu sticks and re-useable water bottles and hit the fair! It's going to be a smashing green time.

2008 Statewide Hawaii Healing Garden FestivalKauai, June 21; Oahu, August 23; Maui, September 27; Big Island, November 1.