If You Didn't Take Us Serious The First Time... Earthquake Wine Insurance

If You Didn't Take Us Serious The First Time... Earthquake Wine Insurance

[Editor's Note: This is an item we ran in the second edition of B on Hawaii, back in May of 2006. And you thought we were crazy! Five months and two earthquakes later, we thought it was time you re-read this bit.]

We at B on Hawaii recently came across an interesting item that might be of interest to all the oenophiles and sommeliers out there who think about how to protect your precious wine collection.

Vinfolio, a San Francisco-based company that spends it's time doing everything under the sun for its wine collector members, has partnered with the Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, to offer blanket wine coverage for private connoisseurs. Entitled the "Prestige Collection" policy from Fireman's Fund, blanket coverage can protect your collection from fire, temperature control breakdowns, flooding, tsunami, volcano eruption and so on.

"Wine is an insurable asset," said Chris Heidrick, vice president of marketing at Fireman's Fund, in a release issued last week. "A modest, 500-bottle collection can easily add up to $50,000 in value or more."

Amen. We, here at B on Hawaii, who are based in a geographic location that is perhaps the most prone to catastrophic disaster, also acknowledge that a wine collection cannot always be itemized as simply as assessing and assigning value per bottle. An attachment to the manner in which special bottles were purchased, the journey you went on to find a certain bottle, and the stories behind those special bottles in your collection add a value that cannot be expressed in mere dollars and cents. You can, however, minimize the shock of loss with a simple policy now offered by the joint effort between these two companies.

A press release states that knowing the value of a wine collection is the first step to insuring it correctly. It recommends partnering with Vinfolio in order to have access to their expertise, as well as various tools to help manage their cellar. We have found that those who maintain their precious assets are more than likely to pay for easily accessible expert advice and service. Vinfolio appears to be a more than reputable company with which to invest your time, at least to research the likelihood that they can help you manage and grow your collection--and now protect it.

In addition to the home cellar protection, the policy also offers mobile coverage for bottles damaged during transit. Lastly, those who sign on for a Fireman's Fund policy can now receive a year's complimentary membership to Vinfolio. Sounds like a no-brainer to us.

For more information log on to www.firemansfund.com or www.vinfolio.com, or click on the photo of the wine glass.

"Wine is an insurable asset. A modest, 500-bottle collection can easily add up to $50,000 in value."