Go! Airlines Launches Hawaiian Language Web Site, A First

Go! Airlines Launches Hawaiian Language Web Site, A First

Last month, go! Airlines took bold steps not taken by any Hawaii-based airline thus far when they launched an all-Hawaiian-language version of their web site. Executives at the Mesa-owned carrier turned to local Hawaiian linguists for help in launching  HYPERLINK "http://www.lelegowau.com" www.lelegowau.com, which has been live for three weeks. 

Mesa Air Group Chairman and CEO Jonathan Ornstein called the effort “both an exercise and opportunity for the students of Hawai’i’s Hawaiian language immersion schools who assisted in translation and the creation of some new Hawaiian words.”  

Involved in the creation of the site’s content are Sterling Kini Wong from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs; Festivals Co. cultural director Manu Boyd, and Kula Kaiapuni ‘o Anuenue Palolo teacher Kaui Keola. A number of Hawaiian Studies students from University of Hawaii at Manoa also took part in the design and translation on the site. Hawaiian language author Larry Kimura was also instrumental in the effort—Kimura is also a professor at U.H.-Hilo. 

“Using Hawaiian in such a modern fashion required growth of the language and has already furthered the goal of making it one of today's living languages,” Ornstein added. 

Visit  www.lelegowau.com or  www.iflygo.com for more information and booking.