Finally, Someone Making (Custom) Scents!

By Wellness Correspondent Abby Royce

Finally, Someone Making (Custom) Scents!

As business after business jumps onboard the "green" bandwagon, it was only a matter of time until the vanity market "tapped in". we'recently stumbled across a unique experience at the Four Seasons Maui spa, which makes use of one of the first all-natural artisan perfumes that has Hollywood types clamoring for more. If it's good enough Clint Eastwood and Kate Beckinsdale, then it's good enough for us.

The company is called AJNE, and they have unleashed their smelly goods at Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and a select few luxury resort spas. One of the reasons A-listers like Rob Lowe, Jessica Biel and Hilary Swank like it? There's absolutely zero chance of one of those pesky reporters calling you out on the red carpet for having the same scent as a rival actor. Allow us to explain.

Jane Hendler and Rex Rombach, founders of ANJE perfumes, noted that personalized scents were on the rise. They set out to create a line of customized scents from over 200 rare and precious essential oils. Hendler hails from Carmel, California, where she ran the town's first and only apothecary. Her husband's (Rombach) work with sustainable farmers (who harvest fruits, flowers, wood, grass and spices) around the world for private clients led to the epiphany: Design a program to customize scents for the chic yet earth-conscious.

The "customization" process proved to be most interesting. We were given an extensive computer test, with questions that ranged from physical ailments to favorite colors, occupational issues and relationship status. After pouring your heart out to a computer for a half-hour, a therapist (not the "lay down on the couch" kind, but a spa technician) arrives to translate your results in to a tincture that is void of parabens, immuno-suppressants, sulfates, and synthetic compounds. The essentials are dropped in to a Louis XIV-esque crystal vial, which is slipped in to a velvet sack, and you're on your way. Customized scent that is "all you", and only you; with over 200 essential oils to blend from, the chances of someone creating a similar scent is, well, highly unlikely.

Head to the Four Seasons Maui spa for an indulgent experience that is harm-free for the environment, and may actually boost your energy.

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She ran the town's first and only apothecary; He worked with sustainable farmers who harvest fruits, flowers, wood, grass and spices. It was only a matter of time until epiphany struck: Customized scents.