Brian Berusch, Hawaii's Only On-Air Travel Expert

B On Hawaii Leads To A Weekly Segment on NBC

Brian Berusch, Hawaii's Only On-Air Travel Expert

Publisher Brian Berusch can now be seen on the weekly travel segment airing on the NBC morning show, here in Honolulu. Every Tuesday, Berusch will appear for to cover travel throughout Hawaii and the world beyond. Introduced by KHNL the morning show anchor as "Brian Berusch, Publisher of the popular Web site and newsletter B on Hawaii", the segment is entirely scripted by Berusch.

In the first segment, which aired March 13th, 2007, Berusch covered the longevity of greatly reduced airfare, and some recommendations for affordable getaways residents and visitors alike should take advantage of Lana'i and Moloka'i remained the focus, as outer islands that people may not have been to in some time, and both offer wonderful options for affordable stay. From camping on Lanai's secluded beaches, to a night at the Molokai Ranch Beach Village or at the Hotel Lanai, the segment received wonderful feedback.

For the second segment, which aired on March 20th, the subject was "Do Good" travel (often called Voluntourism); people who dedicate a portion of their vacation time to helping a cause in need. The segment talked about Maui as ground zero for volunteer efforts, most of which focus on environmental issues. One, Project S.E.A. Link, educates visitors to become naturalists, who can then educate other visitors on reef culture and marine life. Another, which Berusch participated in, is the Haleakala Reforestation Project, which puts participants on the slopes of Maui's dormant volcano, planting native species in 10 acre parcels.

If you would like to see the segments, they are posted on KHNL's extensive Web site by Tuesday afternoons. The best manner in which to find them would be to go to the KHNL homepage, enter the name "Berusch" in to the search box in the upper right, and look for the little red video camera icons. Click one, a media player will open, and the segment begins.

This is great news for B on Hawaii, as KHNL is aiding with driving traffic to our Web site, which will be updated in the coming months. Feel free to send any segment feedback to Berusch at We look forward to hearing from you!