Fishcake: Objects d' Art for your Home

One-of-a-Kind Works Abound

When Fishcake opened in December of 2007, there were certainly a few passers-by who did a double take at the front door. Instead of a saimin shop, the saw a stark white showroom. There were no tin pots gurgling miso or ox tail soup; yet at the rear of the store there was a giant cranberry-colored Barbara Chu print featuring a pair of orange koi. 

Hilo's Shipman House B&B

Jack London Wuz Here, Why You Should Be Too

In August, 1907, a weathered Jack London showed up on the doorstep of Hilo's Shipman House with a letter of referral from a prominent Honolulu newspaper publisher. London and his wife stayed for 5 weeks while his sailing vessel, The Snark, was being repaired. Twenty-three years later Hollywood's "first" director, Cecile B.

Breaking News from Tranquil Hana!

A Rising-Star Chef and an Upcoming Winemaker's Dinner

It’s not often that hot news comes careening down from the rain-forested climes of Hana, Maui. But word came careening down from the Valley Isle’s North Shore that a new executive chef is en route to the hotel this Spring.

Makahiki: An Ancient Celebration

Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Celebrates Culture

Makahiki, or "the season of harvest", is an ancient Hawaiian celebration that brought together high-ranking chiefs and commoners, all of whom paid tribute to the ali'i nui, or king. Games that showcased strength and smarts, elaborate gifts and a feast were a part of the procession.

Paia Inn: An Upcountry Gathering Place

Paia Inn is the Newest Upcountry Hotspot

The scene in Paia is white hot these days; live music from a half dozen venues on any given night and wait lists to get in to otherwise low-key, upcountry eateries. Yet relative newcomer Paia Inn may be ground zero for all the action in town.

What Positively Interesting Times We Live

A Note from Publisher Brian Berusch

Can I get an "amen"?

Princeville Re-visited, Re-thought

Where Vacation Ownership Has Its Merits

A steadfast disbeliever in the timeshare vacation as a truly legitimate destination experience, this writer has been turned. A recent jaunt to the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas proved that timeshares aren't solely about pillaging vacationers for $30,000; yet a smart design, extremely comfortable accommodations and activities aplenty can make for a wonderful stay option.

Kea Lani Unveils Art Lounge

A Transformed Lobby Now Offers Creative Fare and Fresh Art

In these lean times, hotels and resorts are rolling out the incentives to allure business—be it local or distant. In our opinion, it's really given opportunity to those with creative business savvy, who can think on their feet, and offer truly unique experiences that just might raise an eyebrow—or at the very least—make us forget our portfolios and retirement funds for a spell.

First Annual Ka'u Coffee Festival

Off-The-Beaten-Path Ka'u Proves Fertile Grounds

Last year at this time, we at B on Hawaii were made privy to a little known secret, the origins of which came wafting through the sulfur-tinged air of south Hawai'i. A handful of farmers in the Ka'u district of Hawaiii Island (a.k.a. "The Big Island") were giving more than the ole college try at growing, harvesting and roasting coffee.

Hana Harvest This Weekend Features Food, Farms & Fine Wine

This coming weekend, the Hotel Hana Maui is hosting a “Harvest Weekend” celebration that will spotlight local farmers, fisherman and producers, as well as fine wine and culinary preparations from one of Hawai’i’s most celebrated chefs. The event is the first of its kind since the hotel assumed new ownership.

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