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Chef Mavro To Open Second Eatery: George Mavrothalassitis Will Drop Anchor In Chinatown By May 1st

The hot news this week is the announcement that George "Chef Mavro" Mavrothalassitis has signed the lease for a space that will hold his second Honolulu restaurant. "Cassis Honolulu" will open on the corner of Nimitz and Bethel in Chinatown by May 1st, following a two-month redecoration to be overseen by designer Mary Philpotts.

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A "Farmer's Dinner" In Kapalua

Meet The Makers Of Hawaii's Best Produce, Then Taste Their Wares

Kapalua's Pineapple Grill is hosting a "Farmer's Dinner" this Friday, February 23, 2007. A one-hour cocktail reception begins at 6 p.m., where guests will mingle with a variety of local growers who provide restaurants island-wide with everything from pineapple to oranges, hearts of palms, tomatoes, cheese, potatoes, fish and greens. At 7 p.m.

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Ritz-Carlton Compound Coming To 520 Acres At Kauai Lagoons

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Kailua Ocean Goers Soon To Be Armed With...More Knowledge

This time last year I was asked to write a feature story for Honolulu Magazine on the subject of ocean lifestyle as found throughout the Windward hamlet of Kailua, Oahu. I interviewed about a dozen residents of the town. Some had been born and raised there. Some came in the early 60s. One was the head of the Kailua Chamber of Commerce. Another led a sailing canoe club that disembarks from the shores of Lanikai twice a week. The range was spectacular.

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Wally "Famous" Amos: A Champion Of Cookies, Characters And Literacy

If you thought Wally "Famous" Amos was a fictional character used to sell cookies, you couldn't be further from the truth.

Wally Amos is a living, breathing bastion of all things cookies and literacy. Yep, you read it: Literacy. Perhaps the most recognizable face in cookies (and has been since he launched Famous Amos on March 10, 1975) has been a Hawaii resident since 1977, and "has never have had a bad experience the entire time I've lived here. I just love everything about Hawaii," said Amos.

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If You Didn't Take Us Serious The First Time...Earthquake Wine Insurance

[Editor's Note: This is an item we ran in the second edition of B on Hawaii, back in early May. And you thought we were crazy! Five months and two earthquakes later, we thought it was time you re-read this bit.]

We at B on Hawaii recently came across an interesting item that might be of interest to all the oenophiles and sommeliers out there who think about how to protect your precious wine collection.

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Educate Yourself About Global Warming At The Bishop

Hurricane's, heat waves, droughts, floods--all issues our hopefully short-lived majority governing body hasn't put half as much thought in to as the fine folks at the Bishop Museum.

Starting on Saturday, November 18, a new exhibit entitled "Science on a Sphere" will teach Republicans, kids and concerned citizens the affects of global climate changes. The exhibit will be on display in the lobby of the Watumull Planetarium.

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The Winds Shift, As Does The Surf: An Excerpt From Hawaii's Biggest Surf Day

[This is an excerpt from an article that was completely butchered when it ran in a travel newspaper two winters ago. With the start of the winter swells this week on the North Shore--and the big surf buzz in the air--we thought it appropriate to offer mainlanders a taste of what's in store during the coming months. Enjoy.]

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Aqua Adds Gem Off Kuhio: The Waikiki Wave Re-Opens

Let's face it: Chain hotels can lend to the demise of the personality of a destination. Not always, but more often than not. Andre Tatibouet, owner of the aging Coral Reef Hotel in Waikiki for the last 33 years, couldn't agree more. So when he was ready to join forces with a rapidly growing hotel group in order to breathe new life in to his 247-room hotel, he chose carefully.

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Desoto Brown: The Bishop Museum's Man With The Key: On The Heels Of His Newest Book, Surfing, We Sat With The Archivist

How many times have you sat through Raiders of the Lost Ark, and at the film's close, as the attendant is wheeling the Ark of the Covenant through the grandiose warehouse stacked high with crates, thought: What if such a place existed"

How many of you wonder: What if there was such a place in Hawaii? Surely there has to be countless treasures that document the cultures of Hawaiian people? Are they organized somewhere? Well, surprise. There is such a place. And DeSoto Brown is the man who holds the key.

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