10-Course "Ultimate Meal"... And A Taste Of The Good Life at La Mer

Chef Garnier Spoils Foodies at Halekulani

Ah, dining for a cause. There's no better excuse. Ever heard of Remy Martin Louis XIII? It's that fancy looking bottle on the very tip-top of your favorite bar. Yep, the one that costs $200 per glass (if not more). The folks at Rホmy Martin have gotten together with the folks at Halekulani to offer the "Rホmy Martin Ultimate Dinner", available now through December 30, 2007.

Chili Truffles? Wasabi Ganache? Sea Salt And Dark Chocolate?

At a recent "Yoga + Chocolate" event held at the Halekulani, we were introduced to Katrina Markoff, the founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, based in Chicago.

B on Hawaii

Get Green: Drink Organic Suds, New From Kona Brew Co.

Long before Kona Brewing Company decided to be a sponsor of this newsletter, we were huge fans of its product. It's truly the finest Hawaiian-made brew; and the ease with which KBC makes it available in restaurants, bars and markets certainly makes it easy to pick up a Longboard Lager. There's something nice about a glass of "aloha" at the end of a long day -- whether it's post-work, or an epic battle in the surf.

Coffee Coffee Everywhere! Get Jolted in Lavaland

Festival Melds Culture, History, Agriculture and Tradition

A Maui Filmmaker's Vision Of Bhutan

Where Gross National Happiness Is Self-Evident

Ever wondered if there was a place where happiness -- true inner joy -- was the only government agenda" While you realists probably answered "no", those of us idealists frequently contemplate such a place.

An Arbor Day Tale... And Outrigger's Native Specie Giveaway

When I was in the 2nd grade, I was given a pine tree seedling-just as every child in my Hudson Valley, N.Y., class was given-to take home on Arbor Day. I remember walking down the hallway after the final bell had rung, and seeing a handful of paper towel and rubber banded seedlings tossed on the linoleum floor.

Return To Romance: An Album Begets 9-Day Festival

This past weekend, in the Halekulani's Lewers Lounge, jazz composer, arranger, producer and performer Matt Catingub released his latest CD, entitled Back to Romance.

From Aerobics To Qigong: A Publisher's Plight For Wellness In Hawaii

Char Ravelo's "Inspiration" Magazine Amasses Wellness in Hawaii

B on Hawaii

The Puka Guide Reveals Top Hole-In-The-Wall Haunts

We've all got our hometown haunts: Places that serve up delectable delicacies to satisfy our daily cravings. But when you travel, part of the experience is finding (and sampling) different genres of food that you simply can't get at home.

Water To Land Massage Melds Technique And Medium

Reported By B On Hawaii Wellness Correspondent Abby Royce

Those of you fortunate enough to have taken a lavender-infused stroll around the spa block may think you've tried it all. Surprise! I've discovered something not only totally unique, but located in the most unsuspecting place: Waikiki!

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