Kilauea Lighthouse: Kaua'i's Treasure

Home to Rare and Endemic Birds, Whales and Helpful Volunteers

The 31-acre site in which the Kilauea Lighthouse resides is one of the most exciting places to be for wildlife enthusiasts—especially now. Perched on a volcanic outcropping that juts further north than any point on Kaua’i’s North Shore, the land and sea surrounding the Lighthouse is home to dozens of rare and endemic birds.

Become Oscar-worthy In A Day; Screenplay Class at Film Fest

Move over Matt and Ben… How’s turning $40 in to a multi-million dollar picture deal and a little gold statue for your mantle (named “Oscar”) sound? Pretty good? You betcha it does. On Saturday, May 16, you can head over to the Waikoloa Beach Resort and share your screenplay with three top writers that ink films for the likes of DreamWorks, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox and Disney.

Legendary Wood Pioneer Ron Kent Shares His Collection, Stories and more

While perusing the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea’s multi-million dollar art collection last year, we met long-time O’ahu artist-in-residence, Ron Kent. One of his “Guardian” sculptures was a focal point of the entire exhibit; it’s mere presence commanding close inspection by anyone that came within eyeshot.

Waikiki Hotelier Jumps the Pond, To Manage Maui Resort

With a dozen management contracts in three separate hotel categories throughout Waikiki, Aqua Hotels & Resorts is officially expanding overseas—to the Diamond Wailea Resort & Spa on Maui.

Aqua’s president and CEO, Benjamin Rafter, who stepped in since Aqua founder Mike Paulin’s retirement earlier this winter, had this to say about the expansion to a neighbor isle.

Treat Your Honey to "A Day of" Four Seasons this Valentine's Day

Those who have spent time at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea know that luxury has its price. Yet as the current economic climate continues to reveal incredible values, those not inclined to weather the storm with Netflix and a bowl of Zippy’s chili (small size) will find an excellent excuse to get over to one of Maui’s top resorts this Valentine’s Day.

Jimmy Buffett To Open Signature Restaurant in Waikiki this February + Tour

“Searchin’ for that, last shaker of salt…” Jimmy Buffett croons during his legendary hit "Margaritaville", a boozy ballad that captures the essence of tropical living for those with 10 ten toes firmly rooted in the sand, condensation from a frosty beverage dripping down their fingers.

Maui Cattle Co. Herds in to the Spotlight, Statewide

The Maui Cattle Company recently unveiled new labeling for its packaged, island-grazed premium beef, in hopes of garnering more attention for Hawaii-raised product. The ranchers are doing their part to bring island-harvested beef back to island tables—all they need is a little help from a savvy, concerned public who consume meat on a regular basis.

Whale Quest Kapalua Educates and Enthralls

From February 13th through 16th, those with a hankering to learn heaps of information about the largest mammals to visit the Hawaiian Islands should head to Maui's Kapalua Resort. The Ritz-Carlton hosts Whale Quest; a weekend-long celebration of the humpback whale, which happen to be most easily spotted off the shoreline that laps gently on West Maui.

A New Years Note from Publisher Brian Berusch

It's fairly amazing to stew on the notion that yet another year has slipped by. Where does the time go?

Hawaiian Musicians to Headline Presidential Inauguration, + Aloha Music Camps Resurrected

Two bits of hot news, fresh off the press. First, a "posse" of Hawaiian musicians are headed this week to the frosty climes of our mainland's East Coast, to perform at what is being hailed as the most historic Presidential Inauguration in over a century.

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