Memorial Day: A Moment of Reflection

For many, Memorial Day weekend is the official kick-off to summer. Whether it's extra long hours at the beach, or a "freebie" night to fire up the BBQ and imbibe with friends, it's become just that—an extra day of no work. Yet for the more contemplative, Memorial Day is indeed a way to reflect on people (and ideals, habits, so on) that we have lost in recent years. There is simply no more eloquent way to do so than the annual Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony at Magic Island on Oahu.

Hawaii Polo Life Magazine to Launch in Mokuleia Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brand new Hawaii-based lifestyle magazine covers travel, fashion, philanthropy, gear and sport... with a healthy dose of equestrian and polo imagery. 

Dawson Media Hawaii is proud to announce the launch of Hawaii Polo Life magazine, which will be lauded in epic style on O’ahu’s North Shore on Sunday, May 19th, 2013. Guests and attendees—clad in all-white garb—will be treated to elegant cocktails and light canapes from Hawaii’s leading chefs, mixologists and distillers. An informal fashion show will showcase couture summer wear from a number of the magazine’s partners

Rabbit, Boar, Elk and more! Tiki's Vintner Pairing Dinner

Anyone who hasn't partaken in one of Chef Ronnie Nasuti's high-flyin', out-of-the-box specialty dinners is missing some flavor in their life. Some say Nasuti has "the best job in Hawaii," serving consistent, creative fare to masses of visitors in Waikiki at Tiki's Grill & Bar while enticing locals with his culinary "chops" during these signature, one-off events. Well, get your knives sharpened…  

On Monday, March 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm,

Save a Beach! Something Bound to Happen at Local's Fave

Kaimana Beach's neighboring War Memorial Natatorium could be a volleyball venue, swimming structure or dismantled for a bolstered local beach. Thusfar, posturing and failed promises have stalled each. What gives? 

More often than not, visitors to the lovely island of O‘ahu make their way down the south shore towards the local-friendly Kaimana Beach—a sun-drenched swath of sand and sea frequented by those with HNL mailing addresses. And, eventually, the more inquisitive of these curious folk ask, “What is that magnificent structure that seems to be boarded up and impassable?” The answer—although the structure was the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium—isn’t really that simple.

Perfect Pairing: Poke, Sauvignon and a Maui Sunset

One Wailea resort sets out to indulge, explore and exploit two complimentary flavors

Sometimes, and might we stress that it isn’t often, a big resort “gets it right” and presents a unique pairing of events that is out-of-the-box and utterly enticing. Take the Makena Beach Resort in beautiful Wailea, Maui; they’ve brought together the world’s youngest master sommelier (Honolulu’s own Patrick Okubo), and that delightfully Hawaiian treat—poke—for an evening that will explore the finer aspects of both. 

Kapalua's New Chef Dishes Up Oktoberfest Splendor

Isaac Bancaco arrives at Pineapple Grill from refined tutelage to helm this Maui "local's favorite" eatery

The changing-of-the-guard, or chef, at a “locals favorite" restaurant is heralded as a significant event here in Hawai‘i. So it became noteworthy when Maui’s Pineapple Grill, at Kapalua, bid farewell to Ryan Luckey—who garnered numerous regional awards for this impressive, off-the-beaten-fairway eatery—and ushered in another “local boy gone big.” Isaac Bancaco has cooked on the front lines for...

HI High School Jazz Band earns huge national praise

Music Director Gary Washburn leads Honoka‘a High School to top rankings—nationally. 

With great pleasure B on Hawaii has the rare occasion to share wonderful news emanating from the education sector here on the isles. Facts and stats recently haven’t been pleasant—furlough days placing our future generations further and further behind mainland counterparts, budget issues, and the like. So when this little nugget came over the wire, we were glad to share the news. It seems a long-running music program—helmed by the steadfast (and talented) Honoka‘a High School music director Gary Washburn—has been steadily garnering some major national attention.

Legendary Sax Player Gabe Baltazar on Worldwide Radio Show

Once in a great while, some magic happens in this business. That is, in the sharing of great stories with the readership of B on Hawaii. Here’s the latest example: Working on a story for a local publication, we recently caught up with legendary saxophone player, Gabe Baltazar. For those who don’t know: Baltazar was born in Hilo, reared between there and Honolulu, raised through the war torn early half of the 20th Century. His father was a performer; so it was a natural fit when Baltazar began playing for (and rather quickly, with) the biggest names in jazz that passed through Honolulu en route to war arenas to boost the spirits of troops. After being recruited into Stan Kenton’s band and touring the world alongside the likes of Gillespie, Parker and the rest, Baltazar returned home to cultivate the Hawaiian jazz scene.

Music on the Mountain: Lanai to Host Jazz Fest

From the Lodge to Lana‘i City and Manele, the Sound of Sweet Jazz Will Fill the Lana‘i air

Any chance we get to write about Lana‘i, we’re more than thrilled to do so. Tickled pink, one of a certain generation might say. On the weekend of January 13 - 15, 2012, the Four Seasons Resorts Lana‘i will host the Lanai Jazz Festival. From the highland climes of the Lodge at Koele, bebop and swing will drift among the kiawe-scented air, while cool licks and walking bass lines will emanate from the shores of Hulopoe and the Manele Bay Resort.

HIFF + Halekulani Present Oscar Night Elegance

A Red Carpet Fund Raiser for the Festival at The House Befitting Heaven

Are you a glamour gal (or guy) always on the lookout for an occasion to don your ball gown (or tuxedo) and hobnob with other such fabulously like-minded folk? Even better—do you like to eat, drink and be entertained in the name of a good cause? Then by all means, consider heading to the Halekulani on Oscar Night where you’ll have the opportunity to walk the red carpet, swill top tier cocktails and view a telecast of the 84th Academy Awards.

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