Halekulani Living: A Dinner Gala to Start The Year, Jan. 8

Aside from being Honolulu's chicest address, the Halekulani quietly initiated something called "Halekulani Living" series a few years back, in which they offer wellness-related activities and events to their guests and surrounding community.

Reef Awareness and a Special Dinner Event at Waikiki Aquarium, 2010

The Waikiki Aquarium is offering a number of unique events this coming year, beginning in early February. The first quarter's theme will be raising community awareness of the ocean habitats surrounding Hawai`i, the health and human aspects of our oceans. Leaders at the Aquarium are partnering with experts in the field at both UH Manoa as well as NOAA.

Kai Market Boasts Farm-to-Table Dining in Epic Proportions

Large resort hotels don't need to go green. With corporate funding coming from overseas (and profits/losses headed in the same direction), there isn't much stigma for executive boards, chair people and shareholders to insist on sustainable processes.

Bee's Gold: Spend a Week Learning the Art of Beekeeping

While it may be a tad early to start thinking about your plans for Valentine's Day, consider this: In the Ka`u district of Hawai`i's Big Island, certified permaculturist and beekeeper Alison Yahna is offering a 5-day crash course in beekeeping, and you're invited.

Kona Coffee Festival Offers Array of Cultural This November

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival kicks off this year on Friday, November 6, with events stretching through November 15th. Festival organizers seem to be taking advantage of the "cultural" aspect of the festival this go-around, to spotlight a number of unique offerings in and surrounding the Kona location, on Hawai`i's Big Island.

Wild Side Specialty Tours Teams with Wildlife Experts, Employs the Same

There’s plenty of buzz going around about which ocean excursion companies do and don’t practice environmental responsibility. It comes with the turf: Hoards of visitors are good for tour businesses, yet not particularly for the fragile ecosystems they count on for income. Sail Hawaii’s Wildside Tours are an operation one step ahead of the curve in this regard.

Sheraton Waikiki: Wine Flights + Farm Fare, New

The Sheraton Waikiki has launched two new food and beverage initiatives, even as the whir of construction crews continue to wrap up the remodel of the hotel's expansive lobby.

A Sit-Down with Bar Acuda Chef-Owner Jim Moffat

Reveals Huge Plans for the Isle of Kaua`i, his passion for all things local and more

Jim Moffat has been quietly upping the ante on Kaua`i's food scene for nearly two years. Garden Isle residents, who have been forced to content with overpriced plate lunches, poor retail food outlets and semi-tolerable eateries, have been poised for a culinary boost—and Moffat is leading the charge.

Coffee, Cows and Crafts, Oh My! Farm Fair This Weekend on O`ahu

Git out yer cowboy boots and lo'i waders: This Saturday and Sunday marks the 37th annual Hawaii State Farm Fair, held at the Bishop Museum, on O'ahu. If you've never been, you're in for a treat. First and foremost, there will be no shortage of edibles to sample; from Ka'u coffee and Ho Farms tomatoes, to Naked Cow Dairy's flavored butters and abalone harvested on the Big Island of Hawai`i.

Pivotal “Green” Film (& Sundance winner) Debut’s in HI

Most Important Film of 2009 Coming June 29th—BE THERE. The Future Depends On It

Filmmaker Josh Tickell was 10 years old when he sat at the foot of his mother's bed and listened to her try to explain the "unexplainable" sickness that afflicted her.

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