The Jewel Designer and the Conservationist Talk Coral Reef

A Sit Down with Temple St. Clair Carr and Celine Cousteau

You may have noticed an increase in the awareness of coral reef preservation as of late. Sure, it’s a prevalent subject—one that’s been pertinent here in Hawaii—for a long time. (Duh! We’re surrounded by this living organism.) Yet worldwide, it seems that both conservationists, environmentalists—and now fashionistas—have caught wind of the dire need to protect these colorful outcroppings just beneath the waves.
Recently, we at B on Hawaii had the unique opportunity to speak with two leading advocates of the protection of coral, who together aim to initiate the complete ban of it for use in jewelry and fashion.

Ka`u Coffee Takes Top Honors on Big Island

There are those who think of that morning cup o’ joe as something more than a quick pick-me-up. Coffee—especially to those of us who have explored the “kona typica” varietals that thrive here in Hawai`i—can be as intricate as a fine wine to the right palate. And while many know that we’re blessed with the only coffee-producing region in North America, not as many are aware that farmers throughout Hawai`i have “stepped it up” over the last decade.

Sig Zane Teams with Waikiki Aquarium in New Print

Last month, Hilo-based clothing designer Sig Zane unveiled a new line of print designs for his now-famous aloha attire, which strayed from the successful flora he’s stuck to for nearly thirty years.

Chef David Paul Teams with Whole Foods Market, More

 A Furlough Friday Event For Families, plus Wine Dinners and more at his Lahaina Eatery

It is one thing for a celebrated chef to participate in community events; yet it's quite another for him to draw attention to educating our children (at a time when The State doesn't care to) while spotlighting the sustainable farm system.

Maui Eats! A Culinary Tour of New Haps on The Valley Isle

Four Maui Restaurant Sizzle and Shine, from Mauka to Makai

New Menu Items a Homerun at Mama's Fish House

Once in a great while someone will email us asking why we cover the same restaurant twice before choosing to write about others. Well, when you talk about a high-caliber dining experience like that of Mama's Fish House on Maui, there really needs no explaining.

Duke's Waikiki to Honor Molokai Fisherman

Most of you know all about the good times, great drinks and jubilant vibe at Duke's Waikiki. A few of you even know that the venue is a Hawai`i institution—where you can often find legendary Waikiki Beach Boys like Rabbit Kekai and Buffalo Keaulana (to name a few) saddled up to a bar stool.

Major Wood (Show) at Art Academy March 26 through April 11

On Friday, March 26th, the annual Hawaii Wood Show begins a 2 week run that will spotlight the most talented wood artists in North America and Polynesia. The show will take place at the Honolulu Academy of Arts, at 1111 Victoria Street in Honolulu, and run through April 11, 2010.

Fairmont Hotels "Go Dark" to Acknowledge Climate Change

Fairmont Hotels are edging to become the islands' most eco-conscious large-scale resort group with yet another move to improve the 'aina. The Kea Lani (Maui) and Orchid (Big Island) just announced that they would participate in a global environmental event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on Saturday, March 27, whereby the hotel will "go dark" for one hour at 8:30 p.m.

Off to a Sustainable Start: A Note from the Publisher

Finally. How many times have you heard that word in the last two weeks. "Finally, a new year."

It seems that across the board, 2009 was a transitional time for local businesses—especially those in the travel, restaurant and hospitality industries. We certainly don't need to bore you with statistics: The challenges were many. And they're still sorting themselves out.

Respected Yoga Practitioner on The State of Our Spiritual Affairs

"Yogi Rick" Teaches the Well-Informed on Oahu; Now He Sits With Us

Palo Alto native Richard Bernstein, or, "Yogi Rick", is one of those easily recognizable characters who has become a mainstay in the lives of everyone that has come in to contact with him, let alone taken one of his Saturday morning classes in Nu`uanu Valley.

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