Sammy Hagar to Distill Rum on Maui

Red Rocker Sees Green in Hawaii Liquor

Sammy Hagar, of Van Halen fame (or infamy, depending on which side of the fence you pump your fist), is bestowing a special little New Year's treat on the residents of Alohaland—and eventually the world. It seems "Mr. Tequila" is branching out into the distillation world (after selling his Cabo Wabo tequila brand for a whopping $100 million, yowza),

$10k To The Best Mai Tai Maven + Spin Doctors

Sip delectable umbrella drinks on the shores of Kona with the Spin Doctors at the Royal Kona Resort

Mixmasters, libation-seekers and anyone with "a little captain in them" should make haste to Kona, where the third annual Don The Beachcomber Mai Tai Festival will unfold at the Royal Kona Resort on August 13, 2011. This ain’t no fluffy fete: The winner of the most succulent concoction will head home with $10,000 in their shaker.

Get Behind HI's Top 'Tenders

Slinging drinks is the new modern art. There it is; I've said it. Where we used to coo over frames bedazzled with Warholian primary colors (and even managed to elevate subway car graffiti artists) we now ooh and aah over the use of aspic in our absinthe or calamansi in our martini. Before it becomes totally gauche, it's time to give credit where credit is due. In these trying times, a tasty cocktail can just save the day. Period. So why not pick up the new book

Alan Wong Opens Cocktail Development to Public

Join the Wong Team in Developing Halloween-inspired Cocktails

Do you like fine cocktails so much that it’s borderline scary? If so, we have a wonderful opportunity for you. On Wednesday, October 27, chef Alan Wong presents a Halloween-themed cocktail development seminar that—for the first time to the public—is open to a limited number of patrons. The session will be led by Wong’s resident Wine Director, Mark Shishido, as well as Southern Wines & Spirits’ Director of Mixology, Chandra Lam.

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