Ritz Carlton Maui's Celebration of the Arts

March 29 & 30 at Picture-Perfect Kapalua

Every Spring, the Ritz Carlton Kapalua on Maui presents an astonishing array of cultural offerings over the course of a storybook weekend under the event title "Celebration of the Arts." While perched on a pine tree laden hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and neighboring isles of Lanai and Molokai, Celebration of the Arts is an incredible opportunity to delve into multiple aspects of Hawaiian culture.

Kailua Menswear Shop Gloriously Defies All (Lack of) Hawaii Fashion Sensibility

One writer's rant on how a barrage of uninspired experiences paved the way for a glimmer of hope in a small town beach boutique. 

This is a little tale about how one writer (a) moved to a little sliver of paradise in the midst of a very, very large ocean, (b) learned quickly to appreciate all things “island style”—the relaxed fashion in which everything is served/worn/executed, (c) after a decade of island living began to long for some sense of reform in the elegance of everyday occurrences, only to be besodden with example upon example of how a (warning: sweeping statement follows) simple-minded culture refuses to evolve, stylistically, and (d) ultimately found a glimmer of hope in a tiny, backstreet menswear shop in a Windward beach town. Recline your seat and enjoy the read/rant.

Shop for Japan: Always in Fashion

Save Your Lists for Same-Day Shopping as $ is Donated to Japan Relief

If you’ve been a regular reader of this online magazine, you know how much we love to promote events that have a “cause” behind them. This time around, we’re just suggesting you do all your summer shopping in one spot, on the same day, and a donation will be made in your honor to Ala Moana Center’s “Hope for Japan” fund. From July 15 – July 17, a $10 donation will be made to the Amercan Red Cross when shoppers at Hawai‘i’s biggest mall spend $150 (or more) on the same day, and bring their collection of receipts to the Customer Service Center.

Art & Flea is Back: All Hallow's Inspired

Off-beat designers, musicians and artists gather to share their wares at this monthly event.

The crafty folk behind the monthly “Art & Flea” events are gearing up for an action-packed Halloween happening, to take place at Fresh Cafe in Kakaako, on Thursday, October 28, 2010. Here, you’ll find an array of locally produced art, fashion and home designers, musicians and those with a penchant for the trendy/entrepreneurial spirit. Because of the holiday, there will also be a vintage costume contest.

Fine (Hawaiian) Foods Store Open For Holiday Season

Ala Moana Shopping Center turned up the holiday heat last week, with the opening of a store that boasts top locally-made products perfect for gift giving.

New Waikiki Boutique Honors the Craft of Writing

Which holiday card hanging on your refrigerator do you remember best? Why, it's the one that was hand-written on custom stationary, of course. It's elegance harkens back to a time before email, when kind words were scripted, stamped and mailed on a regular basis. It seems like a distant memory.

Annual Holiday "World Art Bazaar" Open at Honolulu Academy of Arts

The first whispers of the holiday season can be heard around town, and like most years, everyone is beginning to look for that unique gift to bestow upon their loved one(s). Just in the nick of time, the Honolulu Academy of Arts is celebrating it's annual "World Art Bazaar" at the Academy Art Center at Linekona, in Honolulu. 

Two West Maui Ventures Want You To Eat Better

Lahaina Farms & Maui Prime Fine Foods Open for Discriminating Foodies

If any of you dear readers haven't been to the west side of Maui in a while, things are a-changin' in them parts of the chain. First off, the number of townhomes, condos and developments on the mauka side of the highway is staggering. Which obviously isn't going to help the insufferable traffic problems West Maui is already experiencing.

Shop Smart: Winning The Label Game

By Health & Wellness Correspondent Abby Royce

When it comes to eating healthy, there is an ever-expanding array of information. And it can seem at times like the more we learn about our options, the more complex the decision making process becomes.

Buy Local, Live Longer: Made in Hawaii Fest 2008

Everybody knows fresh tastes better. Living on the islands, I find one day old fish is rather unacceptable to my palate; I'm sure most would agree. In that same vein of thinking, could you imagine if we had the luxury of demanding only the freshest of meat and vegetables?

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