Aquarium Announces Summer Keiki Events

An Impressive Array of Offerings for Island Visiting or Residing Kids

The Waikiki Aquarium has launched an ambitious schedule of events in hopes of attracting more youth visitors this summer, while simultaneously offering educational outlets for new parents. The end results? In an ideal world, a new generation of ocean-savvy kids who can take their knowledge of marine life and apply it to studies, or developing a better global awareness to the ecosystem that entirely surrounds—and makes up for a significant part of the culture in Hawai‘i.

The Greening of Your Thumb

Recently, we were turned on to some very creative cats who are joining students of architecture with top-tier designers, builders and suppliers in order to create sustainable solutions throughout Oahu. The project, entitled Build Lightly Studio, is a collaborative effort between the University of Hawaii's Architecture School and outsiders willing to work on non-profits. Starting this week, the studio is reaching out to those throughout Hawaii—

Get Your '80s On... And Like It!

Hall & Oats and English Beat Take HNL this March

There's really no explaining it; you're driving to work, to the beach, whatever, and a song comes on the radio. There's a drum machine-driven beat. A weird sample you can't quite put your finger on (but it sounds oh-so-like high school, revisited) echoes in the background. Finally, that all-too-familiar synthesizer (it may even be one of those contraptions that straps across the back like a guitar, only, it's not)

Get Behind HI's Top 'Tenders

Slinging drinks is the new modern art. There it is; I've said it. Where we used to coo over frames bedazzled with Warholian primary colors (and even managed to elevate subway car graffiti artists) we now ooh and aah over the use of aspic in our absinthe or calamansi in our martini. Before it becomes totally gauche, it's time to give credit where credit is due. In these trying times, a tasty cocktail can just save the day. Period. So why not pick up the new book

Makana Academy Offers Worthy Facials-in-Training

Sometimes a girl comes across a deal so good, she doesn’t want to share it. But I’m not that kind of girl, so read on...
When I signed up for my facial at the Makana Academy and Spa, I had braced myself for “the student experience”. Memories of botched hair colorings, blotchy skin and all the dreamt nightmares of having someone inexperienced work their magic on those looking to save a dime are impossible to neglect. Yet

GM + Pals Pledge to Bring Hydro-Powered Autos within 4 Years

A ground-breaking, recent coalition involving ten companies, agencies and universities have banded together to make hydrogen-powered vehicles—and 25 stations to fill them—a reality in Hawaii by 2015. In four short years, the leading company behind the effort, General Motors (GM), aims to kick off plans for a new sustainable energy ecosystem in Hawaii.

Authentic Coffee Haus Opens in HNL

For a town the size of Honolulu, let’s agree that we have an acceptable number of coffee shops. Yet, when we factor in that Hawaii is the only state in the nation that produces coffee, it’s safe to say that there’s no harm in lauding another into the mix. Especially when its owner aims to provide patrons with the best possible cup o’ joe, procured using a variety of methods, yet each utilizing 100 percent Hawaii-grown coffee.

Pro Bowl Block Party Kicks Off in Waikiki

We are thrilled to promote the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl—which has made its just return to Hawaii (after a horrendous decision by both the NFL and the former authorities-of-note here in Honolulu).

Shiatsu Now at Mandara: A Balanced Good Time

Last week it hit me: It’s a New Year—and I should try new things. So I took the opportunity to experience Mandara Spa’s new Shiatsu treatment, something that I had experienced years ago, but hadn’t revisited in quite some time. Since I am generally first in line for the deep tissue or hot stone therapy, I decided it was high-time I learned what has made the ancient art of Shiatsu so popular—and long lasting—in Japan.

From 4-Star to 'da Bar: Chefs on the Move

One conversation you might not hear this holiday season is the change in habits many people throughout our communities are now settling in to—even if subconsciously—due to the overall economic downturn that has gripped our country for a considerable time. Many folks have taken on a second, possibly a third job. Some have dramatically curtailed their shopping. Others may have moved in to a new home that matches their new income, having lost job(s) or had wages garnished. Regardless of the level, we’ve all made adjustments; yet it isn’t the first thing we care to talk about among our peers.

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