Keep Your Senses About You

Literally, In These Transitional Times

The way we live, work, play and rejuvenate is adapting. With so much negative news on the airwaves, it's about time we began seeing a major shift in how we process global happenings vs. what affects our daily lives.

Greg Brewer Sits with B on Hawaii for a Talk on Terroir

At the 2008 Kapalua Wine & Food Festival, as "B on Hawaii" publisher, I was asked to host a wine dinner that spotlighted wine-producing regions around the globe. I noted the parallels between the terroir of typical wines from places like Tuscany and Northern Spain, while speaking on the fare that usually accompanied these varietals.

Eating + Drinking in Moderation Make for a Merry Holiday

Overeating and drinking at holiday parties can leave you feeling less than Merry come January. The key? Finding balance in your holiday routines can leave you with the best of both worlds.

Anthony Quinn: An Inside Look at a Hollywood Legend, and his Hawaiian Ties

A few years back, we were fortunate enough to meet Katherine Quinn; the widow of Hollywood legend Anthony Quinn. We learned that Mr.

Winemaker Weekend at Hotel Hana Maui: A First

This weekend (beginning November 22nd), the bucolic retreat known as the Hotel Hana Maui will host a pair of back-to-back events celebrating the arrival of Dr. Jerry Seps of Storybook Mountain Winery from Napa, California. One of the most storied Zinfandel producers in California's history, Dr.

The Year of Bev Gannon: A Celebration, a New Book, TV Appearances, The White House and more

This year, renown chef (and Hawaii Regional Cuisine movement founder) Beverly Gannon is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hali'imaile General Store with a benefit event worthy of the trek upcountry, Maui. But that's not all she's up to: Gannon just might be the busiest Maui chef at press time.

Life in Hawai'i: A Positive Sensory Overload

What is it about Hawaii that attracts visitors by the thousands and keeps them coming back year after year? Besides the obvious miles of endless beaches, warm tropical climate and crashing waves of the Pacific... Could it be as simple as a feeling they get from being here?

Ka'anapali Nights: A New Concert Series on Maui has Roots that Run Deep

[This article appears courtesy of Hawaiian Style Magazine]

The Royal Lahaina Resort's ocean-front concert series that began this past summer is not just about a picture-perfect evening spent absorbing the sounds of crashing waves and slack key guitar. In fact, the Saturday night mele isn’t solely the culmination of two performer’s careers.

Hotel Hana Maui Entices Return Guests

Daily Resort Credits and Drastically Reduced Room Rates through December

On Maui's secluded North Shore, the Zen-like Hotel Hana Maui sits on a hilltop overlooking turbulent Hawaii seas. But the water might be the only fast-moving thing in Hana; the hotel is a study in relaxation, rejuvenation and spiritual revival. If you've been, you know this.

So-Cal To Maui Private Jet Service, From Pleasant Founders

Former Pleasant Holidays owner and 50-year travel industry entrepreneur Ed Hogan is plunking down nearly $70 million for a pair of top-end Gulfstream G450 jets to launch POSH Private Jet Holidays. The new venture, which spun out of Hogan's Pleasant Aircraft Leasing (that shuttled A-listers and athletes to and fro in private planes), aims to bring South Californians to one of Hogan's two Ha

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