Ichiriki: Ambiance and Nabe for Honolulu Diners

We at B on Hawaii have been keeping a keen eye on the more-oft-than-not seedy stretch of Kapiolani Boulevard between Keeaumoku Street and Ward Avenue. It seems that the area is in the middle stages of a metamorphosis.

Mana Yoga Mountain Retreat On Kauai

Offering Adventure Packages, Teaching Seminars, Overall Well-Being

B on Hawaii

Organic Grower Wins Best In Show At Kona Coffee Competition

Stocking Stuffers! Get A Jump On Grammy Nominated Albums

Kona Brewing Company's New Brew

Pipeline Porter: Tapped Fresh Every October

Kona Brewing Company, Hawaii's own Big Island-based brewer of hops and so forth is about to release its first new product in eight years. The Pipeline Porter is a combination of roasted barley malt, hops, and 100% Kona-grown Cornwell Estates Coffee.

An Interview With Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama & Don King

On Their Incredible Feat, Done In The Name of a "Beautiful Son"

Some times in this business of sharing information, you meet and interview people whom you become truly giddy with excitement to rush home and write about... just for the opportunity to share it with your readers. we'recently had such an experience, and bring to you a series of interviews that took place over the last few weeks.

Dueling Ukuleles Take The Stage At Duke's In Waikiki

Wally "Famous" Amos: A Champion Of Cookies, Characters And Literacy

If you thought Wally "Famous" Amos was a fictional character used to sell cookies, you couldn't be further from the truth.

Pure Kauai Initiates "Fitness Bootcamp" For Well-Heeled Looking To Shed Lbs

Kailua Bay Residents Armed With... More Knowledge

New Initiative To Help With Ocean Awareness

This time last year I was asked to write a feature story for Honolulu Magazine on the subject of ocean lifestyle as found throughout the Windward hamlet of Kailua, Oahu. I interviewed about a dozen residents of the town. Some had been born and raised there. Some came in the early 60s. One was the head of the Kailua Chamber of Commerce.

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