Stars Shine On Maui During Weekly Film Festival Screenings

Peter O'toole, Brad Pitt, Roberto Benigni, Richard Burton...

Hawaii Forest & Trail's Hilo Adventure Is An Island First

Owner Rob Pacheco Talks Flora, Fauna and Educating Cruise Passengers

Oahu's "Gift" To Music Releases New Album: Makana Talks

Slack Rock Star Talks With B About His Departure From Hawaiian Music

Oahu-native Makana has been strumming a guitar since around the same time he began to speak. Since then he's released a half-dozen albums, all of which feature his unique style of slack key, Hawaiian-inspired music.

Starwood Initiates Teen Tourism Program

Kauai High Tourism Students Reach Out To Inbound Teens, Share Culture

It is no secret that the teen travel market is the hardest to please -- ask any parent of a teenager. While an exciting age (in theory), it's one plagued by awkwardness more often than confidence, and the will to deem anything defined popular by society (or parents), "totally uncool."

Get Out And Play: Princeville Pairs Golf And Massage, For Two

Kauai's Princeville Resort, which will be going under the knife in order to raise itself to St. Regis status, is offering interim packages that revolve around something that won't be changing -- the Princeville Golf Courses. With 45 holes of Robert Trent Jones, Jr.

B on Hawaii

Boutique Hotel Product Arrives In Waikiki, In Pairs

Two Urban-Styled And Modern Chic Hotels

It's been no secret that the decade-old trend of minimalist chic hotel product that saturate places like San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, has completely eluded Honolulu. Which is strange.

Brian Berusch, Hawaii's Only On-Air Travel Expert

B On Hawaii Leads To A Weekly Segment on NBC

Publisher Brian Berusch can now be seen on the weekly travel segment airing on the NBC morning show, here in Honolulu. Every Tuesday, Berusch will appear for to cover travel throughout Hawaii and the world beyond.

Ukulele-Strumming Winemakers Descend On Oahu

Why Judd's Hill Winery May Be The Most Eclectic And "Hawaiian" Vintner

This story has so much cross-over with what I consider to be the key themes of B on Hawaii that it's hard to determine where to begin. Fine wine, Hawaiian music, Napa, tasting and dining events on's all in here. Read on and see what I mean.

800 Trees Planted On Haleakala, 10 Acres At A Time: B On Hawaii Publisher Digs, Plants And Absorbs Maui Mana

Hawaii International Jazz Festival's Free Windward Concert

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