Helicopters + Golf: One Man Is Banking on the Pair

Bob Yeager loves two things: Flying helicopters and playing golf. So when the occasion arose where he found a way to marry the two, that's exactly what he did. Now, those with a few extra grand to burn (they're out there) can tee up on a handful of the islands' most exclusive golf courses, connecting between them via private helicopter.

Surfing and the "Net Effect"

Recently, through a series of less than usual events, I found myself working closely with a physical therapist. I was prescribed a number of back and shoulder strengthening exercises to combat the negative postural effects of sitting on my computer typing.

The Sound of Aloha Weaves its way through Waikiki

An Emphasis on Local Music Across the Islands

Starwood Hawaii is doing its best to promote local music through regular concerts held at the many lounges, restaurants and poolsides in Waikiki. And while a few local residents still have their reservations at heading to "da big city" to catch some ukulele strumming with their sunsets, many make the jaunt to soak up the vibe.

Life in Hawai'i: A Positive Sensory Overload

What is it about Hawaii that attracts visitors by the thousands and keeps them coming back year after year? Besides the obvious miles of endless beaches, warm tropical climate and crashing waves of the Pacific... Could it be as simple as a feeling they get from being here?

Big Island Speaks to the Eco Traveler Through Technology

It's no secret that Hawai'i, much like the world's most beautiful and diverse ecosystems, has an incredibly fragile landscape. Factor in that we're North America's #1 travel destination, and the dilemma isn't hard to see: How do we keep our environment as pristine as possible (read: not trampled upon), yet continue to appeal to savvy travelers and their en masse arrivals?

Get Out! (Take a Walk)

By Wellness Correspondent Abigail Royce

Between the relentless news of our faltering economy, political distrust and the ever-rising cost of living, it may be hard to find things to feel good about that won’t leave a gaping hole in your wallet. However, there is one thing you can do everyday that won’t cost you a dime, and is nearly guaranteed to improve your quality of life: Exercise.

Shop Smart: Winning The Label Game

By Health & Wellness Correspondent Abby Royce

When it comes to eating healthy, there is an ever-expanding array of information. And it can seem at times like the more we learn about our options, the more complex the decision making process becomes.

B on Hawaii

Access To Statewide Museums Free, In September

This September, a number of statewide museums and galleries will participate in Smithsonian Magazine's nationwide Museum Day promotion. On the 27th of that month, those who download free admission cards off the Smithsonian web site will gain access to any number of participating venues.

Spyder Wright: Surf Hall of Famer, Designer and Entrepreneur

On Lunching with "The Duke", Watches, and the Truth About The HI Wave Scale

Sometimes you’re just in the right place, at the right time. Spyder Wright is one of those people. And, so was B on Hawaii, when we happened to be on an airport shuttle with the shaper, pro surfer, fixture on the Hawaii surf scene since the mid-1960s and 2008 inductee in to the Surfing Hall of Fame.

Vanna & Sajak Head To Waikoloa, Wheel of Fortune in Tow

A bit from the weird and wacky... Pat and Vanna (otherwise known as "Sajak" and Playboy cover model, May, 1987) are headed to the Big Island of Hawaii, and want you to come watch a live taping of "Wheel of Fortune".

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