New Film Fest Looks For Laughs in Selflessness

By now you must think we’ve gone film festival crazy. Yet there’s good news for those of us with short attention spans and big hearts: The EarthDance International Film Festival is coming to town!

Waikiki Summer Concert Series, Al Fresco

If you haven't seen an outdoor concert at the Waikiki Aquarium, then this is the summer that you should break the trend. The Thursday evening "Ke Kani O Ke Kai" summer concert series has been an annual event that brings in the top Hawaiian artists, puts them onstage facing the lapping shoreline of Waikiki, and offers unparalleled sunset views as the music takes hold.

Showdown in Chinatown is Back!

Hawaii Filmmakers Decent to Honolulu's Hipster-town

The two-year old "Showdown in Chinatown" filmmaker's event is back, after a brief hiatus. The next "Main Event" showcase of films is scheduled for Friday, May 15th, at NextDoor on Hotel Street. Film topics are posted on Thursday, May 7th at 5:00 p.m.; the works need to be completed and submitted exactly one week later, on May 14th. 

Big Island Hotel Pays Your Airfare

Kona Village Resort Extends Deal of the Century

One of the most tranquil resorts that evokes feeling of "Old Hawaii" is the Kona Village Resort, on the Kohala Coast of the Island of Hawai'i. To encourage travelers to unwind far from the blinking lights of cell phones, computers and televisions, Kona Village is offering a hefty deal: An $800 airfare credit to those who book a higher-class room category for five nights or more. 

Fishcake: Objects d' Art for your Home

One-of-a-Kind Works Abound

When Fishcake opened in December of 2007, there were certainly a few passers-by who did a double take at the front door. Instead of a saimin shop, the saw a stark white showroom. There were no tin pots gurgling miso or ox tail soup; yet at the rear of the store there was a giant cranberry-colored Barbara Chu print featuring a pair of orange koi. 

Hilo's Shipman House B&B

Jack London Wuz Here, Why You Should Be Too

In August, 1907, a weathered Jack London showed up on the doorstep of Hilo's Shipman House with a letter of referral from a prominent Honolulu newspaper publisher. London and his wife stayed for 5 weeks while his sailing vessel, The Snark, was being repaired. Twenty-three years later Hollywood's "first" director, Cecile B.

"Locally Grown" Menus + Winemaker Visits at Hiroshi, Vino

You've certainly heard by now that Hawaii's own master sommelier (and restaurateur) Chuck Furuya is holding court at his duo Restaurant Row locales—Vino and Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas. But what you probably don't know is that he recently launched a "Locally Grown" menu with the incredibly diverse Chef Hiroshi Fukui, which will be available on Sunday and Monday evening's, only.

Good Kids Plan Ahead! Visit Manoa on Mom's Day

Looking to do something unique and off-the-beaten path this year for Mother's Day? Heard about the various New England cities and towns that open up the doors to historic homes on special occasions? Then consider a jaunt through O'ahu's Manoa Valley on Sunday, May 10th, where some of the islands best architecture will be on display to the public.

What Positively Interesting Times We Live

A Note from Publisher Brian Berusch

Can I get an "amen"?

Kea Lani Unveils Art Lounge

A Transformed Lobby Now Offers Creative Fare and Fresh Art

In these lean times, hotels and resorts are rolling out the incentives to allure business—be it local or distant. In our opinion, it's really given opportunity to those with creative business savvy, who can think on their feet, and offer truly unique experiences that just might raise an eyebrow—or at the very least—make us forget our portfolios and retirement funds for a spell.

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