Hawai`i International Film Fest Screens at Dole, Sunset on the Beach

There's a familiar buzz in the air blowing through Hawai`i: It's time for the 29th annual Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), which casts a spotlight on filmmakers from all corners of the globe. One of the most diverse festivals of its kind, HIFF offers eleven days of screenings, panel, discussions and opportunities to meet your favorite international film stars and creators.

Wild Side Specialty Tours Teams with Wildlife Experts, Employs the Same

There’s plenty of buzz going around about which ocean excursion companies do and don’t practice environmental responsibility. It comes with the turf: Hoards of visitors are good for tour businesses, yet not particularly for the fragile ecosystems they count on for income. Sail Hawaii’s Wildside Tours are an operation one step ahead of the curve in this regard.

Honolulu Symphony Season Opener to Feature Bela Fleck + Guests

Autumn is upon us. If not climatically, at least the calendar says so. Either way, it’s time for the Honolulu Symphony to begin it’s season—and try as they might to get each and every one of us culturally enriched through the usage of multiple woodwinds, strings and tympani.

An Unrivaled Gold Coast Pied-a-Terre

Jeff Vance's ID Group Resurrect a 1950s Treasure

One might think that the person responsible for redesigning a Gold Coast penthouse top-to-bottom might be the least awe-struck of a the space—especially months after it has been completed.Yet Los Angeles-based architect and designer Jeff Vance, who has designed luxury homes for the who's who in Beverly Hills, Kobe, Japan and downtown Honolulu, still has to pause for a moment each time he enters

Yoga Meets Dance: Get Out of the Box (and shake it)

It is commonly said (albeit less often practiced) that doing something out of the ordinary—out of your comfort zone—is the key to breaking patterns of momentary monotony that life has a habit of hurling at you. It's also a great way to discover dormant aspects of your self, and awaken the spirit within.

Curators of Hawaiian Music Debut at Royal's Monarch Room

Makana Opens the Re-Birth of a Legendary Hawaii Showroom

On a rainy June night in the hills of Nu'uanu, a guitar player sits on a rickety old stool in his garage, re-tuning his instrument and jotting notes on a pad. Behind him someone is weaving coconut, while another is pulling the tether on a make-shift sail.

Dozens of Actors To Raise Funds in August Triathlon

Robert Parks-Valletta may just be Hollywood's most unassuming philanthropist. During the actor's strike of 2008, Valletta took his time away from the bright lights and silver screen to formulate a non-profit outfit that puts A-list celebrities on basketball courts and race tracks with everyday citizens—all to raise money for global organizations in dire need of assistance.

Pivotal “Green” Film (& Sundance winner) Debut’s in HI

Most Important Film of 2009 Coming June 29th—BE THERE. The Future Depends On It

Filmmaker Josh Tickell was 10 years old when he sat at the foot of his mother's bed and listened to her try to explain the "unexplainable" sickness that afflicted her.

July in Waikiki: Japan vs. Hawaii Hula Showdown

It goes without saying that one of the aspects that makes Hawaii such a special place is the unique bonds that link us to cultures across the oceans. Hula is no exception: On Saturday, July 11, the annual Hula Ho’olauna Aloha Festival bridges Japan and Hawaii for a weekend of celebrating the graceful art of storytelling through dance and chant.

Kapalua Wine & Food Fest: Crème de la Crème

This week marks the 28th Annual Kapalua Wine & Food Festival; easily one of the Hawaiian Islands most prestigious, elegant and well-attended culinary events.

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