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A Nightmare On Kahala Avenue: A Resort In Peril?

Do you remember the old saying your mum instilled long ago: "If you don't have anything nice to say..."? We do. As much as we wanted to let this slide, we felt it was our obligation to pass along information that could greatly shape a visitor's experience here in paradise -- especially if it had seriously negative effects.

Coffee Coffee Everywhere! Get Jolted in Lavaland

Festival Melds Culture, History, Agriculture and Tradition

A Maui Filmmaker's Vision Of Bhutan

Where Gross National Happiness Is Self-Evident

Ever wondered if there was a place where happiness -- true inner joy -- was the only government agenda" While you realists probably answered "no", those of us idealists frequently contemplate such a place.

B on Hawaii

Hula Mania Hits Hawaii Island November 7th

Return To Romance: An Album Begets 9-Day Festival

This past weekend, in the Halekulani's Lewers Lounge, jazz composer, arranger, producer and performer Matt Catingub released his latest CD, entitled Back to Romance.

From Aerobics To Qigong: A Publisher's Plight For Wellness In Hawaii

Char Ravelo's "Inspiration" Magazine Amasses Wellness in Hawaii

Maori Song And Dance Competition In La'ie, October

This October the non-profit Polynesian Cultural Center in La'ie is holding their annual Maori Song and Dance Competition.

Kids from Oahu and Kauai will perform traditional songs and dances from Aotearoa (New Zealand), including the fierce warrior dance, the "Haka".

B on Hawaii

Free Waikiki Parking... Finally. All You Have To Do Is Lunch.

It's safe to say the chief Waikiki complaint from particular local Oahuans is that parking is a disaster. Now, with the redesigned Lewers Street promenade and its multitude of wondrous offerings, there's simply too much to miss.

Hawaiian Album Features Tunes From Hawai'i Island

A new Hawaiian music CD has been released, featuring songs and musicians exclusively from the Island of Hawaii. The compilation -- produced by Daniel Ho, in partnership with Keoki Kahumoku and the Big Island Visitors Bureau -- will generate funds for music education programs throughout Hawaii Island.

Call Harvey. See If Depp Is Available. Time To Submit For The Big Island Film Festival.

Ever watch "The Making of..." your favorite movie and think, "I could have done that"" Now's your chance hot shot.

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