Desoto Brown: The Bishop Museum's Archivist

On The Heels Of His Newest Book, "Surfing"

How many times have you sat through Raiders of the Lost Ark, and at the film's close, as the attendant is wheeling the Ark of the Covenant through the grandiose warehouse stacked high with crates, thought: What if such a place existed"

Kermit Lynch: California's Most Legendary Wine Importer

Talks About Wine and His Love For All Things Hawaii

Kermit Lynch was at a neighbor's house in San Luis Obispo, California, when he had his first sip of wine. They were an artsy bohemian couple whose lifestyle Lynch admired – even though he was only 17 years old. What wasn't there to love" They were in touch with their spirituality and they drank wine at every meal.

Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Brewing On Big Island November

The 2005 Festival Spotlights Coffee Culture

The 2005 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival at the Outrigger Keauhou is rapidly approaching. If you're looking for an excuse to save some shipping charges on Kona coffee, swing by the Big Island between November 3 - 12th, and can pick up a case of the island's top-rated brew.

B on Hawaii

He Pulls The Strings That Keep The Halekulani In Perfect Tune

A Sit Down With C.O.O. Peter Shaindlin

The Halekulani is the only Oahu resort that offers true fine dining, exquisite accommodations, impeccable service and an idyllic, off-the-beaten-path location in Waikiki. Peter Shaindlin, Halekulani chief operating officer, is the conductor that orchestrates the genius that is the Halekulani.

A Swim With Wild Dolphin On Oahu's West Side

[This is an excerpt of an article that was previously published in a number of newspapers around the country. We thought you might enjoy sharing in the experience.]

B on Hawaii

Hawaii's National Parks Get A New Director

Frank Hays arrived in Honolulu a few months ago. He is one small man with a very huge task. His recent promotion as the new Pacific Area Director for the National Parks Service, makes him solely responsible for managing all eleven National Park locations throughout the Pacific (8 are in Hawaii).

B on Hawaii

Little Village Delivers Ambiance With Honolulu's Best Chinese Fare

Believe it or not, you would be hard pressed to find a Chinese food restaurant with 3 things in Honolulu: Hearty fare prepared without MSG, excellent service and something resembling tasteful decor. Little Village has all these attributes and more.

B on Hawaii

Educate Yourself About Global Warming At The Bishop

Hurricane's, heat waves, droughts, floods--all issues our hopefully short-lived majority governing body hasn't put half as much thought in to as the fine folks at the Bishop Museum.

Kahuna Valley Wellness Retreat & The Kauai Peace Project

Wellness Couple Creates Sanctuary, Promote Higher Learning

If You Didn't Take Us Serious The First Time... Earthquake Wine Insurance

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