Kapalua Villas to be Managed by Outrigger

A Sit-Down with GM TJ Oesterling on the Changes to Come

Those that have been following the developments at Kapalua know that here, in one of the most spectacular locales on Maui (and the entire island chain), things have been evolving for the better part of two years.

Learn to Sing from an Operatic Master

Soprano Jacqueline Quirk Offers Private Lessons in Hawaii Through May

Ever sat at the opera—or been singing in the shower—and thought: "Man, I've got some chops!" We've got some news for your ego: It's never too late to hone your vocal skills. To boot, you're significant other (and neighbors) might really appreciate you mastering that falsetto. Enter Jacqueline Quirk.

Kai Market Boasts Farm-to-Table Dining in Epic Proportions

Large resort hotels don't need to go green. With corporate funding coming from overseas (and profits/losses headed in the same direction), there isn't much stigma for executive boards, chair people and shareholders to insist on sustainable processes.

Message in a Bottle School Project, A Thing of The (Recent) Past

How A Kailua School's Oceanography Project Can't Happen with Furlough Fridays

This past summer, a 13 year old student at Kailua Intermediate received a hand-written note from a pen pal in the Solomon Islands, located just below the equator. The note was the third in a series of communications between the two—an exchange that began last spring—the result of a wonderful story worthy of a childrens book.

Chai Celebrates Dual Anniversaries on November 20th at Aloha Tower

You know him as the smiley faced restaurateur-about-town, always at the happening spot at the right time. On Friday, November 20th at 6:00 p.m., Chai Chaowasaree will host a culinary party the likes of which we have yet to see in 2009, to celebrate the coinciding 20th anniversary of Singha Thai and the 10th of Chai's Island Bistro.

Hawaii's Coffee Doctor to Give Educational Talks in Kona

In the midst of next week's Kona Coffee Cultural Festival on the Island of Hawai`i, three special seminars will be given by the State of Hawai`i's leading coffee expert, Dr. Shawn Steiman. Open to all, his seminars at three premiere coffee houses in the Kailua-Kona area will demonstrate the ins and outs of brewing the best coffee. On Tuesday, November 10, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

World's Most Wholesome Comic Heads to HNL for Performance

Get to the store and stock up on Jello Pudding Pops: It will help you get in the mood for Bill Cosby's arrival. That's right: Fat Albert is coming to town. This legendary comedian, actor, artist, father and icon of America will perform two rare shows at the Blaisdell Concert Hall on Friday, January 15.

Kona Coffee Festival Offers Array of Cultural This November

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival kicks off this year on Friday, November 6, with events stretching through November 15th. Festival organizers seem to be taking advantage of the "cultural" aspect of the festival this go-around, to spotlight a number of unique offerings in and surrounding the Kona location, on Hawai`i's Big Island.

Wailea's Most Economical Resort Offers "Full Monte"

In these lean economic times, when the numbers at Hawai`i's hotels are staggeringly low, what does the newest hotel chain on the block do? Why, they advertise the opportunity to "Own Your Own Resort for $25,000 per day", of course. Duh!

Passing Through Town... Jimmy Buffett's Longtime Keyboardist, Michael Utley

B on Hawaii Sits Down With This Coral Reefer and Chats About Career Highlights & What's Still to Come

What began as a distracting itch nearly 40 years ago has blossomed in to the lifelong pursuit for musician Michael Utley. In fact, this keyboardist and self-proclaimed “product of the Nashville and Memphis rhythm and blues scenes” had his sights set on a life studying the creature habits of, well, creatures.

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