Aquarium Announces Summer Keiki Events

An Impressive Array of Offerings for Island Visiting or Residing Kids

The Waikiki Aquarium has launched an ambitious schedule of events in hopes of attracting more youth visitors this summer, while simultaneously offering educational outlets for new parents. The end results? In an ideal world, a new generation of ocean-savvy kids who can take their knowledge of marine life and apply it to studies, or developing a better global awareness to the ecosystem that entirely surrounds—and makes up for a significant part of the culture in Hawai‘i.

Peace Day Parade: Held Locally, Seen Globally

We recently heard this statement on the local news: “It’s a lot harder fixing a broken adult than it is educating a receptive child”. While understandably controversial, in essence, it’s true. Steering a child down the right path is the best shot we have at making our future bright and prosperous.

Hilo's Imiloa to Offer Youth Science Camps in June

Third through Sixth Graders Can Participate in Multi-Sensory Activities

It ain't no secret that the powers-that-be in Hawai`i don't see the value in giving Hawai`i's youth the best educational opportunities available. So, it falls on parents and communities to push the minds of our keiki.

Forecast: Snowfall Expected Heaviest at Makapuu

Get the kids bundled up in hats, scarves and gloves. Toss the slippahs aside and bust out the boots. There is 14 tons of snow forecasted to fall over Makapu`u this Saturday, December 19th.

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