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A Second Heavenly Spa in Ka'anapali

There's a new destination spa for island visitors on Maui; this one on the "flip side" of Black Rock at Ka'anapali. The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas has recently completed their second signature Heavenly Spa in Hawaii, and it's clear they spared no expense.

Chefs on the Move...

One Heads for China, a Second for Waikiki and a Third Welcomes a Winemaker

It was a big week for chef announcements, all of which you'll read here first.

Kea Lani Unveils Art Lounge

A Transformed Lobby Now Offers Creative Fare and Fresh Art

In these lean times, hotels and resorts are rolling out the incentives to allure business—be it local or distant. In our opinion, it's really given opportunity to those with creative business savvy, who can think on their feet, and offer truly unique experiences that just might raise an eyebrow—or at the very least—make us forget our portfolios and retirement funds for a spell.

Hana Harvest This Weekend Features Food, Farms & Fine Wine

This coming weekend, the Hotel Hana Maui is hosting a “Harvest Weekend” celebration that will spotlight local farmers, fisherman and producers, as well as fine wine and culinary preparations from one of Hawai’i’s most celebrated chefs. The event is the first of its kind since the hotel assumed new ownership.

Become Oscar-worthy In A Day; Screenplay Class at Film Fest

Move over Matt and Ben… How’s turning $40 in to a multi-million dollar picture deal and a little gold statue for your mantle (named “Oscar”) sound? Pretty good? You betcha it does. On Saturday, May 16, you can head over to the Waikoloa Beach Resort and share your screenplay with three top writers that ink films for the likes of DreamWorks, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox and Disney.

Treat Your Honey to "A Day of" Four Seasons this Valentine's Day

Those who have spent time at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea know that luxury has its price. Yet as the current economic climate continues to reveal incredible values, those not inclined to weather the storm with Netflix and a bowl of Zippy’s chili (small size) will find an excellent excuse to get over to one of Maui’s top resorts this Valentine’s Day.

Pure & True Organic: An Entrepreneur Follows Her Passion

More often than not I ponder what it took for many of Hawaii’s most successful entrepreneurs to reach the great heights they have. For example, there are countless B on Hawaii interviews with some of Hawaii’s most successful artist, restaurateurs, chefs, etc. They all had one common denominator: Passion. But what is passion, and how does it enter one’s life?

Blue Planet: Here in Hawai'i, Ready to Change Us For the Better

There are a number of people and organizations talking about making sustainable changes within the world. Heck, there are even some in Hawaii. Henk Rogers is one of the few who returned to Hawaii after a prosperous hiatus with a distinct plan: To get Hawaii independent of fossil fuels within ten years.

A Sit-Down with Hawai'i's Suavest News Anchor

He’s covered Hawaii’s hottest topics for Honolulu’s CBS affiliate for a decade. In that time, he’s reported in the dark following a major earthquake, produced a feature package on Hawaii’s historic trees, and gave Katie Couric lessons on how to speak like a Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Musicians to Headline Presidential Inauguration, + Aloha Music Camps Resurrected

Two bits of hot news, fresh off the press. First, a "posse" of Hawaiian musicians are headed this week to the frosty climes of our mainland's East Coast, to perform at what is being hailed as the most historic Presidential Inauguration in over a century.

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