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Rabbit, Boar, Elk and more! Tiki's Vintner Pairing Dinner

Anyone who hasn't partaken in one of Chef Ronnie Nasuti's high-flyin', out-of-the-box specialty dinners is missing some flavor in their life. Some say Nasuti has "the best job in Hawaii," serving consistent, creative fare to masses of visitors in Waikiki at Tiki's Grill & Bar while enticing locals with his culinary "chops" during these signature, one-off events. Well, get your knives sharpened…  

On Monday, March 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm,

Save a Beach! Something Bound to Happen at Local's Fave

Kaimana Beach's neighboring War Memorial Natatorium could be a volleyball venue, swimming structure or dismantled for a bolstered local beach. Thusfar, posturing and failed promises have stalled each. What gives? 

More often than not, visitors to the lovely island of O‘ahu make their way down the south shore towards the local-friendly Kaimana Beach—a sun-drenched swath of sand and sea frequented by those with HNL mailing addresses. And, eventually, the more inquisitive of these curious folk ask, “What is that magnificent structure that seems to be boarded up and impassable?” The answer—although the structure was the Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium—isn’t really that simple.

Music on the Mountain: Lanai to Host Jazz Fest

From the Lodge to Lana‘i City and Manele, the Sound of Sweet Jazz Will Fill the Lana‘i air

Any chance we get to write about Lana‘i, we’re more than thrilled to do so. Tickled pink, one of a certain generation might say. On the weekend of January 13 - 15, 2012, the Four Seasons Resorts Lana‘i will host the Lanai Jazz Festival. From the highland climes of the Lodge at Koele, bebop and swing will drift among the kiawe-scented air, while cool licks and walking bass lines will emanate from the shores of Hulopoe and the Manele Bay Resort.

A Gift from Nobu: Lunch

A "Trial" Period thru January 13 Featured Stand-outs from Chef Nobu's Signature Menu

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who operates a signature eatery at the Waikiki Parc, is serving up a lovely little gift to the residents and visitors of O‘ahu this winter; lunch service. From Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., the eatery will feature legacy hot and cold dishes, a full sushi bar, donburi, noodles and combination plates

HIFF + Halekulani Present Oscar Night Elegance

A Red Carpet Fund Raiser for the Festival at The House Befitting Heaven

Are you a glamour gal (or guy) always on the lookout for an occasion to don your ball gown (or tuxedo) and hobnob with other such fabulously like-minded folk? Even better—do you like to eat, drink and be entertained in the name of a good cause? Then by all means, consider heading to the Halekulani on Oscar Night where you’ll have the opportunity to walk the red carpet, swill top tier cocktails and view a telecast of the 84th Academy Awards.

Waimea's Ocean Film Festival, This January

Big Island is the Place for Gathering Ocean-Savvy Filmmakers

On the successful heels of this past December’s Kona Surf Film Festival at the Mauna Lani Resort, the 2nd Annual Waimea Ocean Film Festival will unfold this January on the Big Island of Hawai‘i with a series of deep water-related flicks, special presentations, panels and filmmaker meet-and-greets.

Sammy Hagar to Distill Rum on Maui

Red Rocker Sees Green in Hawaii Liquor

Sammy Hagar, of Van Halen fame (or infamy, depending on which side of the fence you pump your fist), is bestowing a special little New Year's treat on the residents of Alohaland—and eventually the world. It seems "Mr. Tequila" is branching out into the distillation world (after selling his Cabo Wabo tequila brand for a whopping $100 million, yowza),

Yoga, Healing, Music and Festivities on Oahu's North Shore

If you've ever wished that you could immerse yourself with premiere yoga instruction from a variety of teachers from around the globe—all without without spending a fortune on travel—your wish has come true. The annual Hawai‘i Spirit Festival, which takes place on O‘ahu's North Shore from November 4–6, is a three day celebration of yoga, music, movement and Hawaiian Culture.

Sammy Hagar to Distill Rum on Maui

Red Rocker sees Green in Hawaii Liquor

Sammy Hagar, of Van Halen fame (or infamy, depending on which side of the fence you pump your fist), is headed to Hawai‘i this November to bestow a special little treat on the residents of Alohaland—and eventually the world. It seems "Mr. Tequila" is branching out into the distillation world, this time down rum avenue (like a good pirate). And the fruits of his labor will be only available to Hawai‘i residents for the first few months of production. 

GET A JOB: Local Production's TWO Oahu Screenings THIS Weekend

Capped with pre-film concerts by Barefoot Natives (Friday) and Henry Kapono (Saturday), plus discussion with actors/director.

Surely by now you’ve heard the steadily building buzz surrounding the Hawai‘i film Get a Job, which was shot entirely on location in Maui last summer and featured a veritable who’s who of Hawaiian notables. What you may not have known was that since its premiere at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) last October, it has garnered “Best Comedy” awards at film festivals that include Detroit and Ventura, as well as “Juror’s Choice” awards at Las Vegas and Marbella film festivals. And while it’s one thing for Pacific islanders to “get” island humor, it’s quite another to be recognized “off the rock,” as we say.

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