Paia Inn: An Upcountry Gathering Place

Paia Inn is the Newest Upcountry Hotspot

The scene in Paia is white hot these days; live music from a half dozen venues on any given night and wait lists to get in to otherwise low-key, upcountry eateries. Yet relative newcomer Paia Inn may be ground zero for all the action in town.

Two Unique Hotels To Watch For, on Maui & Kaua'i

In this neighbor isle issue, we thought we'd put two new hotels on your radar. Each are a study in design, with offerings different from what we've seen across the state in other hotel experiences.

Cottages at Mama's Fish House: An Upcountry Gem

For Those With A Fine Palate

While the grand resorts that skirt the Maui coastlines of Kaanapali and Wailea have their respective offerings and lavish amenities, they’re not always what a visitor is looking for.

B on Hawaii

A North Shore Estate Worthy of Kings, Queens And Jet Setters

Every destination has one. That over-the-top, A-list only, impeccably appointed estate or boutique hotel, that nary a single percent of global travelers can afford.

Oahu's is called The Sullivan Estate.

Bev Gannon To Oversee Kitchen At New Lana'i City Grille

On the culinary front, there's breaking news out of Lana'i City... of all places. (That's a sentence we don't often get to write.) As luck would have it, B on Hawaii was on the tiny isle last week researching a 2008 feature story for a national magazine, on the same day the Lana'i City Grille re-opened. First, a little history lesson...

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