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Surfing With Aloha... and Cameron Diaz: Ty Gurney Talks About The Stoke Of Surfing

When Ty Gurney left his five year post manning head surf instruction for Hans Hedemann, he swore off mass surf lessons and companies that get too big, too fast. It was time to get back to the core reason he taught surf in the first place. It was time he reached back to the roots of where he found the Aloha Spirit.

Wyland Waikiki Hotel Branded Doubletree By Hilton After $10 Mill Renovation

The much ballyhooed Wyland Hotel, which has dodged management rumors by this and that outfit for most of the summer, has been bought by a conglomerate of mainland investors, and will subsequently be managed by Hilton.

B on Hawaii

The Big Island Festival Underway Friday, Nov. 17, 2006

The Big Island Festival kicks off this weekend at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, with an endless string of wine, cocktail and food tastings, topped off with an outdoor event on Saturday night that coincides with Dwight Yoakam in concert.

An Interview With Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama & Don King

On Their Incredible Feat, Done In The Name of a "Beautiful Son"

Some times in this business of sharing information, you meet and interview people whom you become truly giddy with excitement to rush home and write about... just for the opportunity to share it with your readers. we'recently had such an experience, and bring to you a series of interviews that took place over the last few weeks.

Patricia Clarkson & Joan Allen Talk To "B"

2006 Maui Film Festival Wraps on a High Note

The Maui Film Festival, which wrapped on June 18, was the biggest success in its 7 years running, according to festival founder and organizer, Barry Rivers. The more than 20,000 total attendees to the week-long film viewings, lectures, award presentations and post-screening parties climbed well above attendance records during previous years.

A Chat With Three Time Grammy Winner Daniel Ho

The ballots are cast, and the nominees for this year's Grammy Award in the Hawaiian Music category have been chosen.

A Maui Filmmaker's Vision Of Bhutan

Where Gross National Happiness Is Self-Evident

Ever wondered if there was a place where happiness -- true inner joy -- was the only government agenda" While you realists probably answered "no", those of us idealists frequently contemplate such a place.

Return To Romance: An Album Begets 9-Day Festival

This past weekend, in the Halekulani's Lewers Lounge, jazz composer, arranger, producer and performer Matt Catingub released his latest CD, entitled Back to Romance.

Top Chef Finalist Dale Levitski At Hank's Haute Dogs

We made a trip over to Kakaako's newest eatery, Hank's Haute Dogs, to meet Top Chef Season 3 finalist Dale Levitski.

Call Harvey. See If Depp Is Available. Time To Submit For The Big Island Film Festival.

Ever watch "The Making of..." your favorite movie and think, "I could have done that"" Now's your chance hot shot.

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