An Unrivaled Gold Coast Pied-a-Terre

Jeff Vance's ID Group Resurrect a 1950s Treasure

One might think that the person responsible for redesigning a Gold Coast penthouse top-to-bottom might be the least awe-struck of a the space—especially months after it has been completed.Yet Los Angeles-based architect and designer Jeff Vance, who has designed luxury homes for the who's who in Beverly Hills, Kobe, Japan and downtown Honolulu, still has to pause for a moment each time he enters

Passionate About Wine? Film It for $

What? Yet another way for you to put many a "Benjamin" in your billfold, you ask? Yep, never forget who's looking out for ya, kid. Aside from us, Wes Zane is: He's the savvy restaurateur who has launched a world-wide contest in search of the person who can—in under 30 seconds—best explain what it is about fermented grapes that drives them to the drink. In a good way.

Dozens of Actors To Raise Funds in August Triathlon

Robert Parks-Valletta may just be Hollywood's most unassuming philanthropist. During the actor's strike of 2008, Valletta took his time away from the bright lights and silver screen to formulate a non-profit outfit that puts A-list celebrities on basketball courts and race tracks with everyday citizens—all to raise money for global organizations in dire need of assistance.

Willie Nelson and Zooey Deschanel are Big Winners in Wailea

The 10th Annual Maui Film Festival wraps a banner decade

The 10th Annual Maui Film Festival at Wailea could have faced shockingly low attendee records this year, thanks to a faltering economy and a collective tightening of the traveling public's purse strings. There could have been no celebrity attendees, a sweltering heat wave, and numerous other obstacles.

Pivotal “Green” Film (& Sundance winner) Debut’s in HI

Most Important Film of 2009 Coming June 29th—BE THERE. The Future Depends On It

Filmmaker Josh Tickell was 10 years old when he sat at the foot of his mother's bed and listened to her try to explain the "unexplainable" sickness that afflicted her.

New Film Fest Looks For Laughs in Selflessness

By now you must think we’ve gone film festival crazy. Yet there’s good news for those of us with short attention spans and big hearts: The EarthDance International Film Festival is coming to town!

Sundance of the Pacific Descends Upon Maui Next Week

There must be something in the June air—that brings the world’s biggest filmmakers to Hawaii at the onset of summer. The 10th Annual Maui Film Festival begins next week, on Wednesday, June 17, and runs through Sunday, June 21, in Wailea, Maui.

Showdown in Chinatown is Back!

Hawaii Filmmakers Decent to Honolulu's Hipster-town

The two-year old "Showdown in Chinatown" filmmaker's event is back, after a brief hiatus. The next "Main Event" showcase of films is scheduled for Friday, May 15th, at NextDoor on Hotel Street. Film topics are posted on Thursday, May 7th at 5:00 p.m.; the works need to be completed and submitted exactly one week later, on May 14th. 

Become Oscar-worthy In A Day; Screenplay Class at Film Fest

Move over Matt and Ben… How’s turning $40 in to a multi-million dollar picture deal and a little gold statue for your mantle (named “Oscar”) sound? Pretty good? You betcha it does. On Saturday, May 16, you can head over to the Waikoloa Beach Resort and share your screenplay with three top writers that ink films for the likes of DreamWorks, New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox and Disney.

Anthony Quinn: An Inside Look at a Hollywood Legend, and his Hawaiian Ties

A few years back, we were fortunate enough to meet Katherine Quinn; the widow of Hollywood legend Anthony Quinn. We learned that Mr.

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