Big Island Artists Share Photo Secrets

The Goodrich's Retreat Attracts Top Artists and Budding Shooters Alike

On the mysterious and aesthetically provocative grounds at Volcanoes National Park, lives a pair of artists who have teamed to offer one of the most unique educational experiences in Hawaii.

We All Scream For 100% Organic Kona Coffee Ice Cream

Its beans grow at an elevation of 3,200 feet on the Big Island's Mt. Hualalai. Last year, Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation began selling their 100% organic Kona coffee at the Costco in Kona, thus expanding the island's love for all things Mountain Thunder. [Costco also purchases and roasts Mountain Thunder beans on Oahu and sells under the "Kirkland" brand throughout the State of Hawaii.]

A Fo' Real Rodeo At The Big Island's Parker Ranch

The Big Island's Parker Ranch will host its 45th Annual Independence Day Rodeo and Horse Race on Wednesday, July 4th at the Parker Ranch Rodeo Arena in Waimea. Talk about a unique opportunity in Hawaii...

Hawaii's Tropical Gardens Receive Major Funding

A bit of good news for all the botanists, science geeks and general appreciators of all things flora and fauna-related. The National Tropical Botanical Garden (NTBG) was awarded the hefty sum of $900,000 in grant funding, which will go towards the construction of a new research center and general operating expenses.

Norio's Sushi Bar & Restaurant Reels In More Than Fresh Island Fish

It's been almost a year now that we've been looking for an excuse to write about Norio's Sushi Bar & Restaurant at the Fairmont Orchid, on Hawaii's Big Island. And now--he's given it to us. A new custom-made bar was installed, giving more counter space for those to sit near the omnipotent god of all things sushi--and watch his masterful ways.

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