HI High School Jazz Band earns huge national praise

Music Director Gary Washburn leads Honoka‘a High School to top rankings—nationally. 

With great pleasure B on Hawaii has the rare occasion to share wonderful news emanating from the education sector here on the isles. Facts and stats recently haven’t been pleasant—furlough days placing our future generations further and further behind mainland counterparts, budget issues, and the like. So when this little nugget came over the wire, we were glad to share the news. It seems a long-running music program—helmed by the steadfast (and talented) Honoka‘a High School music director Gary Washburn—has been steadily garnering some major national attention.

Message in a Bottle School Project, A Thing of The (Recent) Past

How A Kailua School's Oceanography Project Can't Happen with Furlough Fridays

This past summer, a 13 year old student at Kailua Intermediate received a hand-written note from a pen pal in the Solomon Islands, located just below the equator. The note was the third in a series of communications between the two—an exchange that began last spring—the result of a wonderful story worthy of a childrens book.

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