Big Island Hotel Pays Your Airfare

Kona Village Resort Extends Deal of the Century

One of the most tranquil resorts that evokes feeling of "Old Hawaii" is the Kona Village Resort, on the Kohala Coast of the Island of Hawai'i. To encourage travelers to unwind far from the blinking lights of cell phones, computers and televisions, Kona Village is offering a hefty deal: An $800 airfare credit to those who book a higher-class room category for five nights or more. 

Hilo's Shipman House B&B

Jack London Wuz Here, Why You Should Be Too

In August, 1907, a weathered Jack London showed up on the doorstep of Hilo's Shipman House with a letter of referral from a prominent Honolulu newspaper publisher. London and his wife stayed for 5 weeks while his sailing vessel, The Snark, was being repaired. Twenty-three years later Hollywood's "first" director, Cecile B.

Makahiki: An Ancient Celebration

Ka'anapali Beach Hotel Celebrates Culture

Makahiki, or "the season of harvest", is an ancient Hawaiian celebration that brought together high-ranking chiefs and commoners, all of whom paid tribute to the ali'i nui, or king. Games that showcased strength and smarts, elaborate gifts and a feast were a part of the procession.

Wine, Crepes and A Plant Sale

Simply Grape, Crepes No Ka 'Oi and the Lyon Arboretum

Two small business owners are making the best of the temporarily slowed economy on O'ahu. Simply Grape wine shop in downtown Honolulu and No Ka Oi Crepes (in Kailua) each offer quality product at reasonable costs; the creature comforts of both should ease your corporate woes.

Bang a Drum, Japan Style

The contemporary Japanese drumming Taiko Center of the Pacific is holding summer intensives for those who want to expand their musical (and cultural) repertoire. Spend five days with master Taiko drummer Kenny Endo on the slopes of Diamond Head Crater, exploring the concepts of Japanese "ma" (space), "nori" (playing the pocket) and "sozo" (imagination and creativity).

Two New Luau's: Fire Knives and Edible Grinds

Legendary Wood Pioneer Ron Kent Shares His Collection, Stories and more

While perusing the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea’s multi-million dollar art collection last year, we met long-time O’ahu artist-in-residence, Ron Kent. One of his “Guardian” sculptures was a focal point of the entire exhibit; it’s mere presence commanding close inspection by anyone that came within eyeshot.

Hawaiian Musicians to Headline Presidential Inauguration, + Aloha Music Camps Resurrected

Two bits of hot news, fresh off the press. First, a "posse" of Hawaiian musicians are headed this week to the frosty climes of our mainland's East Coast, to perform at what is being hailed as the most historic Presidential Inauguration in over a century.

Annual Holiday "World Art Bazaar" Open at Honolulu Academy of Arts

The first whispers of the holiday season can be heard around town, and like most years, everyone is beginning to look for that unique gift to bestow upon their loved one(s). Just in the nick of time, the Honolulu Academy of Arts is celebrating it's annual "World Art Bazaar" at the Academy Art Center at Linekona, in Honolulu. 

Hawaiian Language Classes Open To All at Waikoloa

Kudos go out to the Waikoloa Beach Resort for a new program recently started at "The Studio" in the Queens' Marketplace, whereby guest speakers offer Hawaiian language classes to interested participants.

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