Jake Shimabukuro Strums for a Great Cause

You know how, like, there are good musicians and great concerts but in the maelstrom that is the start of summer, you just can’t seem to make it to all the outdoor “fun stuff” you wish you could? Well, let us make it a little easier for you. This Saturday, June 23rd, ‘ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro is performing a special concert that benefits AccesSurf—a wonderful organization that helps adventure-minded folk with disabilities get the “stoke” of surfing.

Yoga, Healing, Music and Festivities on Oahu's North Shore

If you've ever wished that you could immerse yourself with premiere yoga instruction from a variety of teachers from around the globe—all without without spending a fortune on travel—your wish has come true. The annual Hawai‘i Spirit Festival, which takes place on O‘ahu's North Shore from November 4–6, is a three day celebration of yoga, music, movement and Hawaiian Culture.

Get Your '80s On... And Like It!

Hall & Oats and English Beat Take HNL this March

There's really no explaining it; you're driving to work, to the beach, whatever, and a song comes on the radio. There's a drum machine-driven beat. A weird sample you can't quite put your finger on (but it sounds oh-so-like high school, revisited) echoes in the background. Finally, that all-too-familiar synthesizer (it may even be one of those contraptions that straps across the back like a guitar, only, it's not)

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