Memorial Day: A Moment of Reflection

For many, Memorial Day weekend is the official kick-off to summer. Whether it's extra long hours at the beach, or a "freebie" night to fire up the BBQ and imbibe with friends, it's become just that—an extra day of no work. Yet for the more contemplative, Memorial Day is indeed a way to reflect on people (and ideals, habits, so on) that we have lost in recent years. There is simply no more eloquent way to do so than the annual Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony at Magic Island on Oahu.

Memorial Lantern Float a Sight to Behold

How many times have you endured a holiday weekend and, somewhere between frosty “adult” beverage numbers three and four (or thereabouts) thought: “Wow, I don’t even know what this holiday is all about!” or something similar? Thankfully, this year you can experience less of what has become a kick-off-the-summer weekend, and more of what it actually signifies. We’re talking Memorial Day—and there’s no better place to be than in Ala Moana Beach Park watching or participating in the 13th Annual Lantern Floating ceremony

Peace Day Parade: Held Locally, Seen Globally

We recently heard this statement on the local news: “It’s a lot harder fixing a broken adult than it is educating a receptive child”. While understandably controversial, in essence, it’s true. Steering a child down the right path is the best shot we have at making our future bright and prosperous.

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