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Northwest Airlines To Fly Twice Weekly To Kona From Anchorage

See Where Those Humpbacks Spend Their Down Time

This is a quick item for our frosty brethren to the north who might be seeking a bit of respite this time o' year. If you're bundled up in a floor-length down parka, wool socks and a mink hat, then the folks at Northwest Airlines are proposing an offer to you. This week the carrier will launch direct flights between Anchorage, Alaska, and Kona, Hawaii aboard Boeing 757-300 jets.

Hawaii Forest & Trail's Hilo Adventure Is An Island First

Owner Rob Pacheco Talks Flora, Fauna and Educating Cruise Passengers

B on Hawaii

Surfing With Aloha... and Cameron Diaz: Ty Gurney Talks About The Stoke Of Surfing

When Ty Gurney left his five year post manning head surf instruction for Hans Hedemann, he swore off mass surf lessons and companies that get too big, too fast. It was time to get back to the core reason he taught surf in the first place. It was time he reached back to the roots of where he found the Aloha Spirit.

An Interview With Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama & Don King

On Their Incredible Feat, Done In The Name of a "Beautiful Son"

Some times in this business of sharing information, you meet and interview people whom you become truly giddy with excitement to rush home and write about... just for the opportunity to share it with your readers. we'recently had such an experience, and bring to you a series of interviews that took place over the last few weeks.

Kailua Bay Residents Armed With... More Knowledge

New Initiative To Help With Ocean Awareness

This time last year I was asked to write a feature story for Honolulu Magazine on the subject of ocean lifestyle as found throughout the Windward hamlet of Kailua, Oahu. I interviewed about a dozen residents of the town. Some had been born and raised there. Some came in the early 60s. One was the head of the Kailua Chamber of Commerce.

A Swim With Wild Dolphin On Oahu's West Side

[This is an excerpt of an article that was previously published in a number of newspapers around the country. We thought you might enjoy sharing in the experience.]

B on Hawaii

Hawaii's National Parks Get A New Director

Frank Hays arrived in Honolulu a few months ago. He is one small man with a very huge task. His recent promotion as the new Pacific Area Director for the National Parks Service, makes him solely responsible for managing all eleven National Park locations throughout the Pacific (8 are in Hawaii).

An Excerpt From Hawaii's Biggest Surf Day

The Wind Shifts, As Does The Surf

[This is an excerpt from an article that was completely butchered when it ran in a travel weekly newspaper two winters ago. With the start of the winter swells this week on the North Shore--and the big surf buzz in the air--we thought it appropriate to offer mainlanders a taste of what's in store during the coming months. Enjoy.]

Tiger Wood Swings On Kauai. You Can, Too

Golf Alongside The Pro's on Kauai's Lush Links

Have you ever noticed that after watching the U.S.

Mana Yoga Mountain Retreat On Kauai

Offering Adventure Packages, Teaching Seminars, Overall Well-Being

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