A Wong First: Farmer Series Dinners, Starting With 'shrooms

Chef Alan Wong flaunts his culinary prowess next week with the first in his new "Farmer Series Dinners". The monthly event will feature an entire menu created around a single product from a local Hawai'i grower.

Next Monday, January 28, 2008, Wong will bring in Bob and Janice Stanga, founders of Hamakua Mushrooms, who hop the pond from the Hawai'i Island town of Laupahoehoe. There, the Stanga's have been producing a variety of diverse mushrooms in their state of the art, environmentally controlled farm. The Stanga's will be circulating through Wong's King Street restaurant on the 28th, answering any and all questions about the fungal varietals, as well as sharing some of their favorite bits of knowledge.

The special menu, as created by Wong, begins with creamy Pioppini and Pepeiao mushrooms, served with goat cheese and black pepper in a puffed pastry. Next up, local grilled tako, shrimp and scallop are paired with an assortment of mushrooms and butter beans. Things heat up with the serving of lobster and abalone with Ali'i mushroom, topped with green onion oil. The main dish features Maui Cattle Co. beef filet of tenderloin, served with soy and vinegar braised Shimeji mushrooms. Dessert will be your only "sans 'shroom" course: Hawaiian vanilla macerated pineapple with "Cake and Ice Cream" as prepared by pastry chef Michelle Karr.

Wong's "Farmer Series Dinner" featuring Hamakua Mushrooms is a Prix Fixe dinner priced at $75 per person; $105 for 4 wine pairings.

Alan Wong's Restaurant is located at 1857 S. King St. Visit www.AlanWongs.com for more information, or call (808) 949-2526

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